After hyping the Russia threat for four years, the New Yorker quietly wonders if the story might have been exaggerated:


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Mar 5, 2009
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Congress was investigating Hillary Clinton for illegally using an un-secured private server for sensitive State Department communications. Congress subpoenaed the Emails along with Hillary's server. Unfortunately when congress received Hillary's server she had wiped it clean. Fortunately Russia was reported to have either received or hacked these Emails. During the 2016 campaign Trump joked that maybe Russia could provide the Emails that congress was missing. The Obama Justice used this assertion as an excuse to spy on the Trump campaign. But that would require judicial warrants, and Obama's Justice Department had no evidence of Trump-Russian collusion. So instead they used the "Steel Dossier". It was a political hit piece commissioned by the Clinton campaign.

Obama illegally submitted the Steel dossier to the FISA court as valid FBI intelligence, and subsequently used the dossier to launch the Mueller investigation into supposed Trump collusion with Russia to something. Mueller investigated for two years, and found ......NO SUCH COLLUSION.

Now, because of the above violations Trump's Justice Department is investigating. AG Barr subpoenaed the communication devices of Mueller's team along with the communication devices which Mueller's team had received as evidence.

And upon receipt all of the devices had been wiped clean.

And your response? ......Trump Jr is stupid.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.
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May 21, 2002
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1. The hacked email server was the DNC server. Not her home server being used for official business. Bonus, Russian hackers also got into the RNC server but never released them. Wonder how much leverage they obtained.

2. Jr was bragging about how if he ever deleted info while under investigation, he’d be jailed. Several members of the campaign deleted message, read obstruction.

3 Popadopohippopotamus‘ drunken bragging to Downer sparked the Mueller probe.

4. Government is full of bureaucracy. There’s likely a department that issued laptops and cell phones to Mueller’s team. If they were turned in after the investigation was closed, they could have been wiped. Also entering wrong passwords multiple times locks device. Things get broken, damaged, lost etc. But yeah, “all of ‘em” seems fishy.


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Jun 25, 2008
The only evidence I see is a baby who can't live with the fact that most of this country think he's full of sh!t, and voted for a stable person. You don't like that. Tough sh!t. Grow up.
wait, is squidley the liar the baby in this story?

I'm confused by all the lying so any clarification helps

I'll take my answer offline while I collect my socialist stipend


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Jan 11, 2002
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The Russia thing was clearly overhyped, that’s the only explanation for all this misdirection.


I still will never understand how Rohrabacher served less time than John Walker Lindh.

Maybe karma will prevail someday.


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Sep 25, 2009
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While conservatives are fearing historically oppressed minorities, undocumented immigrants and people who hate fascism, Russia recently implements controlled escalation worldwide...