4+4/4 or 6+4/6


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Jul 29, 2015
In the market for a new 7.0' and will be custom due to color, etc. so have the option of making it stronger, but dont have much of a gauge on which boards I've seen / held are glassed heavier.

When we're talking 4 or 6 we're talking weight of the fiberglass cloth used for the top and bottom layers, but what about strength / durability through the PU or Epoxy laminate? I guess I assumed they could lay the resin on thicker, but maybe it can only be in an optimal range and the real strength comes from the cloth..??..

It will be Epoxy, whether it's PU or EPS at the core, and the only other epoxy board I had recently I had a fracture appear in the nose, and then punched a small hole on the bottom of the swallow tail by setting it down on a little pebble or something. All I know is that I pretty much baby my boards so it was disappointing to have the epoxy coating crack twice on the last one.

So is it all in the cloth, and 6+4/6 wont be too much heavier, or I need to ask for a thicker epoxy coating and a 4+4/4 will be fine. I want it fairly light, but it will be ridden in Southern CA summertime chop a lot, so..??..
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Feb 7, 2009
S glass 6/4 4 pu/ epoxy "pure glass Malcom Bonzer" and Stretch CFT medium is bullet proof and holds up over time if you want a long lasting board :shaka:


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Jan 14, 2020
i'd do 6+4/4 with a 1/4 inch stringer.

My step up 6'6" is 6+4/6 with a 1/4 inch stringer and resin tint, a little heavy but had a bunch of boards snap like tooth picks in bigger surf, the weight don't matter too much when you're moving fast and aren't a weak legged girly man.

If you don't plan on surfing heavier waves you probably don't need the extra glass on the bottom


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Jul 28, 2005
33.8N - 118.4W
I don't think you're going for airs on a 7-0, so 64/4 would be the ticket.

4oz S-glass costs almost twice as much as 6 oz e-glass, and since you're not worried (or shouldn't be) about saving a few ouces of weight, it's a needless expense IMHO.

Personally, once the waves get head high or above I find a little extra weight is nice. When it's solid overhead, with a little bump on the face (which is almost always the case), weight works in your favor. YMMV.

The cracking sounds like you got a bad glass job. Or maybe they used polyester to save money and figure you couldn't tell the difference?


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Sep 11, 2017
San Diego, CA
+1 ^
doesnt sound typical of epoxy that they cracked so easily. I’ve had several EPS/ epoxy and XPS/epoxy and I feel like they are at least as tough as my PU/poly boars.
the exception was the FW LFT tomos I had before XTR versions, which would crack if I looked at it wrong. Never again.
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Jul 13, 2020
San Diego
How far will you have to walk witb it under arm and do you mind heavy boards?

I don’t like to carry heavy boards to/from the beach.

my vote is team light pu/pe.


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Oct 30, 2019
I don't recommend 4+4/4 glassing with either resin for any board at any size. Every experience for me is they dent and fracture way too easily. Not worth it unless you're getting free boards.

At least go 6+4 on the deck. Yes it's noticeably heavier, but durability is way better.

This is why I have switched to eps or xps core, allows a heavier epoxy glassing while being as light or lighter than 4+4/4 poly glass.

BTW, epoxy is way better at preventing fractures, not sure about breaking though.
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