10 Myths About Lower Back Pain (LBP)


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Apr 21, 2018
I had a consultation with one of my surgeons a couple days ago, and things seem to be going very well. Now and then I get paranoid when I feel "old pains", but I'm back at work sitting at a desk most day, so some aches is to be expected.

The good news is that it looks like I'm set to be able to start surfing again in the middle of December, sto-ked! :)

A completely anecdotal observation for which I have no data to support my hypothesis (this is the internet after all and we don't need such things as proof):

Because I have been going to the gym for years and made it a part of my life, I think my body heals faster and more fully than than people who live a more sedate lifestyle. I was up and about the very next day after surgery and could walk as long as I wanted to within 3 weeks of the surgery. So while I may carry an extra tube around the belly and don't exactly look like Zyzz Swolebro, the benefits are certainly there when you need them.
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