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  1. everysurfer

    Foster Farms ***DONE*** This is what you get when you won't distance and wear a mask
  2. everysurfer

    This is why Covid won't end until a vaccine

    I've got a client who wants me to come by to look at some work. I got an email this morning that he is isolating at his Mom's house in LA with a high fever. He was last at home on Monday. I just got a text from his wife that she was at Trader Joe's right now, and can I still come over anyway...
  3. everysurfer

    Danald Drump, da forty-threetht pdresident

    Learn to speak English! Assimilate or get the fück out
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    I don't think Hal has posted this yet.
  5. everysurfer

    Official ***Wisdom that my Dad taught me thread ***

    By popular request...
  6. everysurfer

    tRump *** DONE***

    Damn! It's just the brother. What u bet he's got the Rona?
  7. everysurfer

    NY prosecutors suggest probe of tRump for possible fraud
  8. everysurfer

    Trump wants part of the procedes of a private business deal. Is this even legal?

    dOnnie said that unless Microsoft buys tic tok, they will be banned in the U.S.. He also said that if the deal goes through, he wants a big portion of the proceeds to go to the Treasury. A federal sales tax on the sale of a private business? Is this even legal? Am I the only Republican...
  9. everysurfer

    Herman Cain *** DONE *** or Attend a tRump rally, and you will die
  10. everysurfer

    Official *** I HATE GOPHERS THREAD ***

    Lawn mower to cooling pipe to garden hose to push highway flair smoke down the little fückers tunnel
  11. everysurfer

    dOnnie says its patriotic to wear a mask now. How will Duffy and Casa react to this switcheroooo?
  12. everysurfer

    Jalama july 21 open reservation

    I just canceled my July 21 Jalama reservation. Too germy for me. If anyone wants it, it should come available on the website right about now...
  13. everysurfer

    Kanye West ***DONE***

    Just not done enough
  14. everysurfer

    Did Ifall just get fired?
  15. everysurfer

    Lady Antebellum steals a black artist's name, and then sues her. How to shoot yourself in the foot... 1) Be a southern musical group, named after the most racist period in America. 2) Try to be "woke" and change your name. 3)...
  16. everysurfer

    Arrest warrant issued for tRump

    CNBC: Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over killing of top commander Qasem Soleimani. I guess construction of the TRump Tower Tehran is off the table for now... But the Kushner...
  17. everysurfer

    Artsy 14' Downwind Paddleboard Thread

    My summer project is a downwind paddleboard. I'm playing with the tie-dye hippy artwork. Is this too busy a pattern. I kind of like the fish scale concept right now. Thoughts?
  18. everysurfer

    Hal! How did you not post this already?

    The Independent: Trump says Biden's 'going to be your president because some people don't love me, maybe'.
  19. everysurfer

    tRump is not a civillian

    I guess that makes him a.... what's the word for someone not bound by the rule of law... Oh yea, I remember.... dictator? NBC News: Trump won't follow New Jersey quarantine order; 'he's not a civilian,' White House says...
  20. everysurfer

    *** Official Fook The Police Because They Are Criminal Thugs Thread ***

    Since I was chastised for posting anti cop messages on a pro cop thread, let's put it all in one place. Let's start with cops arresting (kidnapping) non violent protesters and assaulting members of the press, and confiscating (stealing) their credentials. For your viewing pleasure... The Hill...