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    Covid Skepticism

    I still have nightmares about A.S. Convergence (strong law of large numbers), Kinchin's WLLN (weak law of large numbers, or convergence in probability), as well as convergence in distribution. Other things that kept me up at night during that period were Mann-Wald (the continuous mapping...
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    ***Official Snow Surfing 2019 - 2020 Thread***

    I honestly wonder how they are going to make any money with this. From what I gather Baldy gets most of their winter revenue from scenic rides. I would think most of the people who have been up there the last couple of weeks are pass holders, I doubt they are selling all that many tickets.
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    ***Official Snow Surfing 2019 - 2020 Thread***

    Mammoth has gotten 140 inches in March and April. That is a very nice March/April. 278 inches at Main Lodge is a below average season, 350 is normal, but with the early base and the strong spring it would have been fun. I got some good days, up there this year, and I was scheduled for a March...
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    Who's working? Who's not?

    I work from home anyway. The difference is that I won't be meeting with anyone, clients or colleagues, for a while. I regularly meet face to face with colleagues when working on a project, that is not happening, but it really is not a big deal. We do have zoom.