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    Christenson Fish vs Machado GoFish

    aside from design and performance, christensons are build to last.
  2. J

    Video footage from tubes

    I just replaced my hero 3+ with hero 8. Its a huge improvement.
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    Surf Equipment: Quality Gear

    Birdwell boardshorts Deus Harrison boardshorts sympl leash true ames fins
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    Surf Equipment Failure Thread

    Solo shot 3
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    Keel fins for Christenson Fish

    Thanks! I will definitely check out Captain fin CC keel.
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    Keel fins for Christenson Fish

    Hey guys, I just ordered a christenson fish, and I have been searching for a set of keel fins for it. I'm looking for down the line speed but also some maneuverability. I'm debating on true ames hobie keel and need essentials keel. I have a few sets of fins from true ames, and the quality are...
  7. J

    What Boards You Got On Order?

    During this COVID madness, i ordered a neal purchase jnr quartet, josh hall piseas, and christenson fish....
  8. J

    Forest Minchinton surfboards

    Congrats on the new board. Dont forget ride report lol
  9. J

    Forest Minchinton surfboards

    Check out "South to Sian" by Deus. You can find some of his shape being surfed in the movie.
  10. J

    Josh Hall Fish

    I usually ride a 5'3 fish for everyday condition, and Im looking for a longer fish as a step up for bigger days. Does anyone any experience with Josh Hall Piseas/rocket fish? How does it compare with CC's Nautilus? Dane riding Josh Hall Piseas