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    Move over Szekely, there’s a new pool king

    Momentum Generation represents
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    3/2 Xcel Grom fullsuit sz 14 $80

    Minimal use before the kid out grew it.
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    soft and squishy, not hard and firm (traction related)

    for some reason, i've been getting a lot of chest/sternum/rib pain while surfing lately. seems to be worse after riding boards with more domed decks. i blame aging, the Rona and Trump. thinking of adding a front foot pad to see if it helps. what are some of ya'll's favorite soft and squishy...
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    Futures Quad Rears QD2 4.15 Flat Foil

    Used once and been sitting in the garage. $50. 4.15”, TechFlex, flat foil. I’d prefer local pick up in North SD County, but will ship if I must.
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    Grom wetsuits Sizes 8 and 10

    Sold — Sz 14 4/3 Dawn Patrol Sold—Sz 12 3/2 Dawn Patrol flash lined Sz 10 Flash Bomb Size 8 3/2 Dawn Patrol
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    Sold—5’2” Gary Hanel Grom Board

    Bought this off SBD a little over a year ago for my kid and he’s since our grown it. It really was a great transition board for him. Easy to ride and catch waves, big sweet spot, very user friendly. Still in great shape (Moonlight glassed). Added a new tail pad a few months ago. Comes with fins...