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    WSL - where they at?

    Pretty crazy, JOB's youtube channel is like the highest subscribed and viewed channel in relation to Surfing. WSL cant compete and will never catch up.
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    Mental Health thread

    After having gotten laid off on May 1st, and applying, contacting, and networking with every person, recruiter, TV network, and agency that I know or who have worked with in the past, I just booked 2 weeks of work from home at my full rate with the possibility of more if projects keep rolling...
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    Mental Health thread

    really is.. 4th of July swell. macking and unruly beach break, found myself right in the impact zone for a 6 wave set. took each one the head, had to ditch the board each time and got washed to the wrong side of a jetty. until i finally got pushed in enough to ride the whitewater in. felt really...
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    NJ Gym Owners Plan to ‘Make a Stand,’ Defy Gov. Murphy and Reopen

    could be, what about the other states that had out of control protests for months?
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    Mental Health thread

    sounds like a good sesh in the ocean in good waves is exactly what you need.
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    NJ Gym Owners Plan to ‘Make a Stand,’ Defy Gov. Murphy and Reopen

    If the rioting and protesting led to more cases - why didnt New York see a spike? sh!t was out of control there for weeks and weeks.
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    *** Official SBD Needs a new Drip Coffee Maker Thread ***

    this is my routine as well. Cheap Mr Coffee machine set at 5am. The smell of coffee wakes me up. 2 cups and whatevers left over goes over ice and into the fridge for after lunch.
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    Macaronis Resort?

    Havent been but the special's they're running are tempting, especially considering Indo is the only place so far that has a plan and date to re-open to foreigners.
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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    Wasnt expecting much from this swell up in SLA and boy was I right. Pulled up to the parking lot dogpoop is an understatement. Went for a run on the bikepath, saw one or two come in that someone made look fun. Suited up just as the onshores started blowing. Probably was in the water for 15...
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    The Official Sunscreen Of The World Surf League

    Now Im even more confused why you have a problem with this? Oh well, dont even try to explain.
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    The Official Sunscreen Of The World Surf League

    the wsl selling out? did you just start paying attention? would it still be an issue if it was made in Australia? Or Brazil? i could see an issue if it was from China or Russia in todays climate but i dont see a problem with people using or promoting a sunscreen from Japan. :unsure:
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    Is this actually how you play golf?

    just tried for the first time a week ago. its fun. place wasnt renting clubs so I had to play righthanded - basically backwards. did surprisingly ok.
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    The Official Sunscreen Of The World Surf League

    whats the problem here, thats its made in Japan?
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    Why is wearing a mask so difficult?

    this is the same in any beach city in CA for the last couple of months. whats your point? virus is hard to transmit outside according to the science. no ones claiming you have to wear a mask to the beach.
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    When it comes to Bourbon Whiskey...

    not a huge drinker but when i do its whiskey. always go for the bulleit or plain ol jameson.
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    Mental Health thread

    i made a rule with myself when i got layed off. no weed until after dinner. its done wonders for my mental state and everyone ive been around noticed a difference in my general mood for the better. weed actually works if its not the first thing you do every day (no judgement, as soon as i get...
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    not sure why you come on this specifically to push your bs, but its very very tired. all i can say is i hope no one you know has to go through the things people i know have.
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    no one close has died yet, but a few friends have gotten it and have been hospitalized for it. 2 of them are youngish (late 30's early 40's) healthy surfers with no preexisting conditions that would have put them at a higher risk,. One is diabetic. The 2 healthy guys got dismissed last week and...
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    Mental Health thread

    Been feeling better. Relaxing into this whole no work thing even though theres a good chance I may get some soon. Been interviewing with a company and im definitely in the running for a staff job - or at the least freelance work.. just dont know when. Kinda worried about unemployment because...
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    Is it possible to rip on a mid-length?

    the spegg is super fun, dont have experience with other mids but this thing is a blast to surf.