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    Change shortage?

    Anyone else experiencing this in your areas? Tried to get quarters from 5 different places this morning in LA including two BOFA locations and no one is giving up quarters. I cant do my fricken laundry w/o quarters because my building is stuck in the past.
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    Mammoth/June area camping recs?

    Getting out of town for a few days and want to go camp in the Mammoth/June area. Planning to leave Monday Night/Tuesday Morning until Friday probably. All the campsites within 100 miles are first come first serve so was hoping someone could recommend some good public land areas that are...
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    Speaker Repair Los Angeles?

    Any audiophile types out there know a good spot in LA for re-coning/re-foaming? Came up on a pair of Marantz HD77 4 way speakers from the 70's. The foam around the woofers is all deteriorated and needs to be repaired. Got a Marantz 8d Tube amp they will eventually hook up to - stocked...
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    24 hour fitness hack.

    If you are like me - you just got charged for a month of gym time to the tune fo 45 bucks even though they've been closed for over a month. If you call and say you are current member - the automated call says offices are closed and theres no way to talk to anybody - and to hit them via email...
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    Anyone check this yet? What a time to launch an app designed for your phone, when everyone is stuck at home with their bigscreen TV's. They put alot of money into this though and have a lot of top tier talent. Not sure If I need everything in little chunks like this though.
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    best PS4 games?

    I haven't played a video game since Street fighter 2 in the arcade's. Just ordered one of these because - here we are and theres only so many home workouts you can do a day. anybody do this stuff?