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  1. Kaser1

    Fire Sale Go Foil

    Anyone interested in some wings? Unloading my: Iwa Light $200 u pay ship Custom Iwa tail $50 u pay ship GL 140 new condition $500 u pay ship GL 180 good condition $500 u pay ship Still on Go Foil gear, making room for next gen. Thanks
  2. Kaser1

    Naish, Ozone, F One wing review.

    I've had the opportunity to use all wings for full sessions (F One for almost a year as my personal) and wanted to share some feedback for those interested in the different brands. Naish 4.6m price $720-$825 (price difference for just the different color) Pro's- Good power range Solid...
  3. Kaser1

    Looking for historical buoy data.

    I used to go to years ago but it's no longer online. Looking to go back to the 90's and early 2000's for a particular swell, direction, etc.. Thanks in advance.:drowning:
  4. Kaser1

    Maui, Foil, Wing, Wind, Downwind

    Once you can travel again without restrictions, and you wing foil, Maui might be a spot you'd should experience.
  5. Kaser1

    Next Gen Wings Coming

    Not foils but the hand kite ones. Friend here on Maui has the new DuoTone Echo and says the 3m pulls like a 4m. Also you can adjust the shape of the wing on the fly which will open up the wind range on just one wing. Interesting concept and we will see if others follow... The Duotone...
  6. Kaser1

    Switchfoot Dojo

    This goes out to the wing foilers out there. So i've been winging since last September, never really tried switching my feet so I'm facing the wing on every reach. I've kind of tried it a few times, switching my feet, but failed miserably, getting bucked off almost immediately. Yesterday...