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    Patagucci Sale

    You really cannot go wrong with their goods and how they stand behind it. Although wetsuits not so much as They are getting better but there yet. I ordered a couple spring suits to try on and give a go but couldn't pull the trigger and keep them. Too stiff and heavy.... But have several...
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    Concave deck

    Its actually a new KiteBoard I have but havent used yet. But looking forward to what the feeling is.
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    Forest Minchinton surfboards

    Mike Minchintons Son. Mike shaped under the Robert August label etc. Ive had a couple of his longboards and went good. FM does alot of stuff for DUES/indo, incredible Moto dude and having a ton of fun.
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    Concave deck

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    Waikiki During Quarantine

    No, its you with you're usual "Im Done", but keep going. But what do I know as Im just a Trustfunder. And one getting unemployment at that.
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    Waikiki During Quarantine

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    time for a new car then
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    Surf Racks. Easy Peasy
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    Wetsuit repair?

    try the manufacturer?
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    Tethering to something other than the rear foot

    You can put on foot with hip replacement unless you are surfing an aircraft carrier
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    saw that and the others. Quite a coincidence
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    yes he does but not as available pre-retirement. Good for him he's enjoying himself.
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    I also have a KG/Mabile Orca Twinzer but not Glider length. Its 8' I think and that board "hauls ass"
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    thanks! Ive never ridden a single fin and only the orange one. As it was mentioned earlier they catch just about anything. Mine goes pretty fast as a twin.
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    I have a 10' Swallow Tail Mabile and it Glides and covers lots of ground. Originally wanted an 11' but handled one at his shop and he basically talked me out of one. They are ALOT of board in many ways. Wish he was still producing as his product had lotsa Bang for the Buck.
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    Update Zamora HP Fish

    I believe he did pull back but at it again. Were chatting to get me something built for me
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    I Went Handboarding Today

    had fun at creek the other day on a Brownfish hand plane. Taking out the Paipo today
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    San Jose del Cabo’s in July

    There was an announcement a day or so ago flights will start June 6th. And Baja is aiming to open back up end of May/Beginning of June.