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  1. Retropete

    Surf style longboard skateboard

    This looks interesting.
  2. Retropete

    Busted...another reason not to support surfing corporations? Old news but I wonder if things have improved?
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    5 fin boards interview with Tom Hoye
  4. Retropete

    The Electric acid surfboard test with Steph Gilmore Somebody please embed this little bugger please.
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    Videos that make you want to go surfing...!

    Surfers of Bali...many videos with footage of prime Bali surf spots showing good surfers, average surfers, warm up routines and beach scenes...can't help but mind surf those waves. Someone please embed the video...hey, I didn't call myself Retropete...
  6. Retropete

    Anyone still riding a Mini-Simmons?

    Thinking of buying another one. It has a triple tab fcs twin set up. Too bad all I can scrounge up out of the fins parts box is one triple tab double foiled keel. Hmmm...assym's were briefly in-vogue a while back...maybe I can run a CI robber twin in the other side (if it'll fit the plugs)? If...
  7. Retropete

    Rusty happy shovel...anyone ridden one?

    Had a few sessions on one and lots of fun so far. Curious to hear if anyone out there is riding one and what they think? Also anyone tried the black diamond tech?
  8. Retropete

    NPJ Jr Duo action....because I'm sick of the Sci fi threads...

    Chippa Wilson riding a Neal Purchase jnr duo is some super fun looking waves. [video:youtube][/video] I'd like to have a duo in the quiver to mix it up. My local shaper would be my choice to shape me one. I recall seeing the design elements...
  9. Retropete

    Drift the surf movie.

    Good for a lazy Sunday afternoon's viewing:
  10. Retropete

    Kelly Slater's Eddie board

    Scroll down through the slideshow to see a good pic of it. Very different from the traditional guns others rode. Discuss. Slideshow is great btw.
  11. Retropete

    The superbank : Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

    Crazy crowded a few days ago. Then the media hype for a big swell inbound for this Saturday seemingly whipped the crowds into a feeding frenzy today.
  12. Retropete

    Show us your quiver 2016.

    I'll kick things off... 5'10" Campbell bros mini light vehicle 6' round nosed fish firewire 6'2" Firewire nano 6'3" DVS weiner 6'3" McCoy all round nugget 6'6" Gary McNeill CV2 6'7" DVS carbon/eps 6'9" Pyzel slab 7'2" Gary McNeill CV2 7'6" Woosley vquad 8' Modern blackbird...
  13. Retropete

    Want to sauce up your egg surfing?

    Get yourself a set of these Greg Webber designed flex fins from Soar Australia. Put these into to my Dick Van Straalen "weiner" and in the words of the Confucien fin guru Ho lee Fukk the board went "insane." The twang is easily felt as the fins load up and flex. The rear fin is a single tab...
  14. Retropete

    Shipsterns bluff wipeout reel. This is going to leave a mark....! Some clever cookie please embed. How someone hasn't died there is beyond me.
  15. Retropete

    Modifying Futures fins- what part of the fin?

    What part of the fin base do I have to sand down to make a fin made for the front Futures boxes fit a rear quad Futures box? This one in particular.
  16. Retropete

    Anyone running assymetric quad fin set ups on your quad?

    Just wondering who's tried it and if so how it went? Thinking of trying a twin plus trailer on the toe side and a regular quad set in the heel side.
  17. Retropete

    Tracks mag 2015 board test.

    Here ya go...plenty of boards from conventional to weird with videos too.
  18. Retropete

    Webber article: Rocker, deep concaves, flex and fin positions...Oh and Curren at JBay clip.

    Check it out. P.S. Roy's gonna love this.
  19. Retropete

    Fin area vs wetted surface area.

    Read this on Real watersports website: "Your fins are 50% of the wetted surface when you’re up and planning. When you look at the entire board and look at how “small” the fins are, it’s easy to convince yourself that it couldn’t matter that much, right? But when your board is up and planning...
  20. Retropete

    The flail and bail thread.

    A carry over from the most embaressing things you've done in the surf thread.