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  1. silentbutdeadly

    FCS2 Mayhem Large and Futures Roberts

    Both in excellent condition. $55 for the Roberts and $65 for the Mayhems. Pick up local in San Diego or add $7 for shipping.
  2. silentbutdeadly

    FInatic - DONE! Sorry, I've always wanted to post one of those "Done" threads so I can be like the cool kids
  3. silentbutdeadly

    SBD is in Love

  4. silentbutdeadly

    Hayden and Future Flex

    Is there a way to get a Hayden in FutureFlex that's made in the U.S.? I know Pure Glass does them I believe but is Hayden exclusive to them being made in Thailand? My buddy demo'd and untitled and absolutely loved it. I have another friend that has one and loves it as well.
  5. silentbutdeadly

    Concrete Work

    I'm budgeting some house projects for this year and I am not ready to get an estimate. I seem to be having trouble getting an idea of how much it costs to install concrete. I only about 300 square feet or so. DO they charge more per square foot for small jobs like this? Does the price usually...
  6. silentbutdeadly

    *** Official Can We Talk About the New Mayhem Fins Thread ***

    Just keeping with the proper format these days. Anyone try them and can tell how they compare to the old template? Was just talking to my buddy about how they have changed and the absurd fact that FCS are different than Futures supposedly.
  7. silentbutdeadly

    Curren is Still Curren

    And I'm okay with that
  8. silentbutdeadly

    WTB Futures Mayhem and Pyzel Large

    Anyone have a set?
  9. silentbutdeadly

    *** Official What's the Word on The Eddie thread ***

    Seems to have gone quiet and according to surflie the swell forecast seems to have dropped a bit?
  10. silentbutdeadly

    6'4" Rusty Blackbird

    Stock dims. 19.5 and 2.62 Thick. Rails are foiled generously. Great board. Bigger one on the way. Slight discount for erBB'rs
  11. silentbutdeadly

    Surfboarding With the Ho's

  12. silentbutdeadly

    Mason and Ben Gravy Have a Surf

    Love this stuff.
  13. silentbutdeadly

    WTB: Large Mayhem - Futures

    Anyone have a set? My buddy wants em.
  14. silentbutdeadly

    Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    Anyone have this? Just started taking supplements What's your experience?
  15. silentbutdeadly

    WTB Futures T1 in Fiberglass

    Missed a set a week or two ago. Bummed. Anyone have or know of a set?
  16. silentbutdeadly

    WTB Futures T1 Fiberglass

    Missed a set a week or two ago. Bummed. Anyone have or know of a set?
  17. silentbutdeadly

    WTB Futures T1 and Trailer in Fiberglass

    I know it's a long shot but ya never know unless you try. Anyone happen to have a set laying around?
  18. silentbutdeadly

    SBD's Old G&S Resurrection

    Figured this forum could use a thread like this. I learned to surf when I was about 12 or 13. I'm just shy of 43 now. At the time, I wanted a shortboard and nothing but a short board that all the cool kids had. Started with a 5'10" Canyon (damn I wish I still had that thing) but was basically...
  19. silentbutdeadly

    Spine Teck

    I really liked the feel of the spine teck rocket wide I rode.