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    Hydrodynamica x Tomo GMM2 XTR HP Mini Sim 5'8" x 19 x 2 9/16 (32.9L) Daniel Thompson shaped

    I'm sure I'm going to regret letting this one go, but I just don't ride it enough to justify having two GMM2s. XTR Stringerless construction. Tomo shape. Gets in early; Speed to burn. Great board for average SoCal waves. $550 for erBB. No trades, trying to thin the quiver. Local San Diego...
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    Quiver for SoCal

    After picking up several CL boards the last couple years to try new designs/shapers, I've managed to amass an excessive number of boards. I've got a lot of overlap, and even some duplicates of the same shape with minor variations... the garage is overflowing, the wife is annoyed. I've become a...
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    Rusty 5'9" Quad Fish Quattro

    Great quad fish for local SD pickup. I got it off a friend earlier this summer and have surfed it a few times. Fun summer board, just a touch too big for me and want to get a smaller one (32L) once I thin out the quiver. 5'9" x 21" x 2.3" (34.3L) Futures fin boxes, fins not included Clean...
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    Mandala ASQ vs. SC

    (Probably been covered previously, but the search function on erBB stinks.) Can someone who is familiar with both the ASQ and Superchunk by Mandala/Manny Caro, explain the difference? As I understand it, the SC would be better low-end/grovel, while the longer points on the ASQ tail are meant...
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    Futures K2 Modern Twin Keel Fins $65 shipped

    These K2's came with a used GoFish I bought and I have ridden them maybe 3 times, before I switched to some True Ames ones I prefer. Excellent condition, except I just noticed when I went to take photos that there is a tiny chip near the front edge/base of one fin. Shouldn't noticeably affect...
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    Tomo Evo stringerless XTR 5'5" 30.5L

    Tomo Evo XTR more photos in CL ad link Will do $300 for erBB bros... Dims: 5'5" x 19 3/8" x 2 1/2" (30.5L) Depending on your ability and fitness, I'd say this 5'5" would work well for someone up to 175-185 lbs. FYI- I am 40, 6ft, 180 lbs. I love this board, but I've just picked up...
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    Tail pad for wide swallow

    Anyone have a tail pad they would suggest for a wider swallow tail? I think maybe DK used to have a fish one, but I haven't been able to find one around... thanks
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    Vissla XL 3/2 fullsuits - (1) North Seas & (1) Seven Seas

    Great chest-zip 3/2 fullsuits, both a couple years old and used about one season. Good condition with normal signs of wear. Local pick up for cash in San Diego (Ocean Beach or Pacific Beach), or ship in CONUS for $12, with payment via Paypal. If interested, PM me your email and I will send you a...