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    BTW, I mostly hate pardons
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    Ok, guys....hear me out......A Bernie-Bloomberg ticket.

    Nope, brokered convention.....Hillary 2020
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    Gary Gregg RIP

    RIP, Bloomies. We mixed it up a few times. Solid dude and legit surfer. The er is even less than now...
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    They’re using the short stairs on Air Force One now.....

    Thanks! It'll always be there, just control it
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    How beat down would you have to be to be a Republican?

    No, they're generally the folks who supply the ungrateful with fuel for their transportation, heat/cooling for their homes, energy to feed their families, fund innumerable charities, schools, hospitals....yeah, build a fire. Give it up. BTW, the foundational components of your surfing life
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    Super Bowl

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    Super Bowl

    Meat cutains??? Is this hildo?
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    They’re using the short stairs on Air Force One now.....

    I've developed Minier's disease and looking down at steps or up off axis is problematic. But I run a business, within a business, like a mutha. Vertigo does not hinder the intellect.
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    They’re using the short stairs on Air Force One now.....

    Schitty video...but jeez dude, walking down metal stairs in the rain I'd be tentative too.
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    Kobe Bryant - DONE

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    deep water mining

    Howard Hughes funded Glomar Explorer. Met a guy from Texas in Hana who said he was an engineer working on the ship mining nickel modules on the ocean floor
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    RIP otf???

    Texas-sized condolences from the Third Coast. OTF was a legend. RIP, bruddah
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    R.I.P. Neil Peart

    I think every guitarist secretly knows...a killer drum solo kills any guitar solo.
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    North Shore Sandbars

    That bar will give the average surfer "Epstein" neck
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    God Bless

    Magic carpet ride
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    No more BBQ thread?

    Beyond the obvious love of primal fire grilled sacred protein, what third world municipality allows you to have an open flame on the balcony?
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    Turkey just began their attack on the Kurds. Civillians dead

    Where was your outrage back in 2003?
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    Move To Santa Cruz And You Will Die

    Locs regulating