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    Anybody know who Surf Concepts in Manhattan Beach was contracting ding repair to?

    Used to always drop my boards at Surf Concepts in Manhattan Beach for ding repair back before they closed as whoever they were working with did good work. Anybody know who it was? Need to get a rail ding repaired that's beyond my skill level and hoping to find a good option. :cheers:
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    6'0" Pyzel Phantom XTR

    Picked up this board and didn't vibe with it, so looking to re-home it to someone who'll better appreciate it. Ridden about a dozen times, very slight footwell denting in deck, but pristine otherwise. 6'0" x 19.75" x 2.5", volume is written as 31L on the board; however, I ran these...
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    3 Boards For Sale. Stamps. Mayhem. $50-$100. 31.5L

    I usually tweak dimensions and replace my daily drivers before the current one's completely out of life, so I end up with back ups to my back up's back up. Clearing out the racks. The boards L-R: Stamps GrinderX - 6'0" x 20" x 2 3/8", 31.6L - $100 Lost Subdriver - 6'0" x 19.63" x 2.38"...
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    I'm beginning to dabble in quad set-ups more these days - hip me to what differences I should expect in feel trying out different quad trailers

    I've been a thruster only surfer for a while, but recently I've become a bit quad-curious and started ordering boards with 5 fin boxes. Think I've got a pretty good handle on what to expect from different front fin options as far as the feel of the board goes, but in your opinion, what's the...
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    Shackwell 2020- the dems nuclear option

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    Pavones - way too crowded or just crowded these days?

    Crowded might be alright, but wondering if I'm better off finding a more low key left point somewhere for a trip. Anybody been recently-ish? How overcrowded is it? Looking at a memorial day time frame.
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    What do you do with your old surfboards?

    I've got a few old boards in the racks that are really just taking up space. Too old and beat up to sell, but not completely dead yet. I don't need a back up to my back up, so I want to get rid of them, but it pains me to just drop them in the trash. What do you guys do with boards that are...
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    EPS/Epoxy board fans: you still going with a wood stringer or nah?

    Thinking of ordering an EPS for my next DD. What's the stringer/construction consensus in epoxy world?
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    Just curious...

    Would you consider yourself to be a Republican or a Democrat, or neither?
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    Slammed my head snowboarding (without a helmet like a dummy) a couple of weekends ago. Doctor confirmed mild concussion and said to take it easy until I feel better. I was feeling back to about 100% this past Saturday (13 days post initial injury) and decided to go for a surf. Bad decision...
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    6'1" Stamps Blind Spot - $300

    6'1" x 19.75" x 2.4" 31.4L Selling this Blind Spot as I've started to gravitate toward slightly longer, slightly narrower boards lately. Normal deck denting and one tiny crack on the tail that I sealed up with suncure (see pic). Other than that, A+ condition. Carries a lot of foam out to...
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    Couple of boards for sale

    Board 1: 6'4" x 19 1/4" x 2 1/2" ~31L Tokoro 4 - $250 This one's been sitting on my racks gathering dust mostly, so figured I'd see if there was any erBB interest. Would personally prefer a few more liters on a board like this for the waves I'd want to use it in. Heavy-ish glass job (6/4...
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    Politics podcasts - got any you like?

    Curious what other people on here are listening to. IMO, they can be a nice alternative to the silliness of political coverage from most of the traditional media. For a look inside the Democratic political machine I like Keepin' it 1600, and I've been enjoying Radio Free GOP for a...
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    Trump voters: How do you justify supporting Paul Manafort?

    Honest question - whether you're voting that way because you're enthusiastic about Trump or if it's something you'll do while holding your nose because you're that dedicated to keeping Hilldog out of the White House, how do you wrap your head around supporting a campaign run by someone who...
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    Cable News

    I feel like some of you must be watching A LOT.
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    Long-ass article that I think explains both the rise of Trump and some of the wildly different opinions some of us hold

    The Rise of American Authoritarianism Here's an article that's ostensibly about explaining the rise of Trump (something that I've always thought has been driven by fear of the "other" but have never had the data to back up, rather than any big populist anti-establishment movement) but also...
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    Flights to Indo - what's your preferred airline for the long haul?

    Thinking about a surf trip to the Ments this spring/summer. What airlines do you guys who have done it a few times like best? Bonus points for minimal connections from LAX, reasonable board bag fees, and no grief for carrying 3+ boards in a coffin.
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    Paid patriotism

    I've always found the pre-game jingoism pretty corny. Wonder if we see less of it moving forward or if teams do it anyway without being paid. (That said, $6.8MM over 4 years is a drop in the bucket.)...
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    Couple of boards free to a good home

    In the process of moving, so I'm cleaning out board storage, and want to get rid of these two. Free to a good home. Local pick up in LA preferred, but I may be making a trip to the North OC area in the next week or two. Priority given to established erBBers and/or groms. 6'3" x 19" x 2 3/8"...
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    Refugee crisis turning out to be a crisis for ISIS too

    Thought this was interesting. Millions of Muslims seeking refuge in western countries turning out to be not a good look for the caliphate's propaganda machine. LINK: