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  1. Chocki

    paddling fatigue

  2. Chocki

    Distant Shores

    If the earth isn’t round what’s the point/benefit of saying it is? Selling globes?
  3. Chocki

    paddling fatigue

    All good. I didn’t realize that KBs have been round long enough that the stuff the legit OGs developed is being recycled and thought you might want to see the source. FWIW, EDT works great with complexes and hack squats are the hardest.
  4. Chocki

    paddling fatigue

    Weak ass rip off/version of Dan John’s armor building complex.
  5. Chocki

    paddling fatigue

    DO NOT DO KB SNATCHES!!! They will jack your shoulders up over time. I had always had my doubts about the risk/reward ratio of this one and Steve Maxwell confirmed my suspicions. When I was big into them I found the most bang...
  6. Chocki

    Distant Shores

    If the Earth isn’t round, how do satellites stay in orbit?
  7. Chocki

    Demo festivus

    If the surf was crap I could see going to check out the latest boards and suits, try to score some free swag, people watch, etc.
  8. Chocki

    Mayhem new models for 2019

    Surfing is filled with design elements/designs that were abandoned too soon in the quest for “performance”.
  9. Chocki

    Tesla = Not Done

    I’d be worried that the books are still cooked.
  10. Chocki

    Good Sunglasses Suggestions?

    I’ve never had a problem with poly and I notice the slightest distortion when shopping for/wearing safety glasses.
  11. Chocki

    Good Sunglasses Suggestions?

    Thanks for posting those. Gonna save me a hundo.
  12. Chocki

    Good Sunglasses Suggestions?

    I really liked the $60 pair of polarized Anarchys I had. Called them my Whitey Bulger shades lol. Would get another if they still made them. Looks like ima have to go with Electric:
  13. Chocki

    Golden Arches Never More Than 145 Miles Away

    Los Angeles would be completely covered by one giant green circle.
  14. Chocki

    Tide watch with sunrise/sunset on face?

    I’m debating getting a 5700 when my current 5600 gives up the ghost.
  15. Chocki

    Tide watch with sunrise/sunset on face?

    I’m old and cheap. Walmart Gshock and paper tide table.
  16. Chocki

    White Claw

    I like how your nail polish matches the color on the can
  17. Chocki

    paddling fatigue

    Very sorry to hear about your accident. When it comes to functional strength, mobility, movement patterns and skills, this is my favorite resource:
  18. Chocki

    Golden Arches Never More Than 145 Miles Away
  19. Chocki

    Old Guy Step Up

    Black Beauty?
  20. Chocki

    Not only is Gabby terrible, but his fans are too

    Medina=whiny little bitch Gabriel Mangina lol.