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    Aleeda wetsuits

    I was sponsored back in the 80's. Decent wetsuits, I still have the promotional coozie. Looks like they sold out to Walmart.
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    worst SurferMag pop up ad EVER

    :mad: :fight:
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    Today it's the Confederate monuments, tomorrow...

    ...the Alamo, then the Jefferson and Washington Memorials, and finally the Spanish missions they'll be taking a **** on. You West Coast guys ready for your own history revision?
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    More tragedy for the Aikau family

    Gerald Aikau murder suicide Damn, how incredibly sad. Poor kid...
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    this should set frvcvs's hair on fire

    :roflmao: Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin visit the White House
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    Fly United and you might get your ass kicked

    69 year old man dragged off United flight How about some de-escalation training United? They have to be in PR Hell....
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    Gnarly California rains

    Ya'll stay safe out there. Turn around, don't drown. My son-in-law downing a weakened redwood in the Santa Cruz Mountains after the tree next to it had already fallen and blocked the driveway....100'+ Dat boy has giant cajones.... sludgey rivermouth working with 10...
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    America's single greatest contribution to mankind

    Ice cold 6oz.(8) glass bottle of Coca-Cola
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    Courtney Conlogue....women's pro surfer article in ESPN

    What say ye? I wouldn't backpaddle her for sure.... Pro surfer Courtney Conlogue comments on the sport and fitness
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    Occy's new culinary venture

    Bronze cut too
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    ?able "right to bear" arms scenario

    On the subject of concealed carry....uhhhhh Loaded pistol found inside woman's vagina
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    PB DoucheDrone or not?

    [video:youtube][/video] The operator/poster seems to be making a case that the fisherman was the douche.
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    15 year old tried as an adult in Santa Cruz

    15 year old accused of raping/murdering 8 year old tried as an adult Soooo, what do they wanna do now?
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    this drone schit has gotten out of hand

    Hobby drone grounds firefighting operations
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    frvcvs' conundrum

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    pic of Sunset Beach fire station '86

    Across from Foodland. Anyone who might know the firefighter in front of the engine? I can hardly imagine pulling a shift there and watching the sunsets out back.... :rockin: :bowdown:
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    a few pics from my SC visit last week

    I had some epic time with my kids and grand kids last week. Weather wasn't bad either. Pretty much stayed up country in the woods but I did break for the beach one day. cat named Dennis Godfrey...owned the peak with old school knowledge and style. knuckleheads in a rubber ducky
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    -9-1-1 emergency-compact flash card related

    half way through copying 800+ images, it locks up and I get a window prompting a 'format' suggestion. I slapped it into the camera itself, same prompt. Same in my main cp. fark I know there's more pics.... what next?
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    hey frvcvs, how do you like your spineless Hollywood now?

    Shutting down The Interview, then the protest movie Team America...gutless wonders. From a bygone era, BEFORE we were at war with Nazi Germany, we didn't care if we stepped on some toes. [video:youtube][/video]