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    The Voyage of the Cormorant

    Ima Read it. Wish it was on Audible so I could listen on my drive.
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    A pic of the spot you grew up on.....

    I could, but there's a whole South Bay thread about it.
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    Do you have a landline telephone?

    That's been fixed. You can reach a local dispatcher through digital or mobile now.
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    surf trip report

    Good for you, man. Glad to hear you were able to turn things to your favor. Sounds like the experience of a lifetime.
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    RIP otf???

    SInce he had a city pension, it's possible that he named his boys as his beneficiaries. He would draw less each month, but at least they'd be hooked up after his passing. And since he'd been battling cancer for a while, I'd bet he was wise enough to do just that. Hopefully life insurance too...
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    surf trip report

    It must take a really unique situation to pull something like that off. It'd be a dream come true for me but my damned wife and a lack of consistent cash flow makes it prohibitive.
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    *** Official South Bay Thread ***

    Ave. C?
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    A 2020 Trip Hop mix dedicated to the 'er BB

    Ya'll got some good taste in music. Check out Khruangbin. Good surf jazz.
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    Hurley axes surf team (

    Yes to Next Level brand. Discovered them when my work uniform T shirts started being printed on them. I liked them so much, I got a bunch of blanks in different colors.
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    Hurley axes surf team (

    I wear a uniform to work, so that cuts out a huge part of my wardrobe right there. Otherwise, I wear Levi's, Pendleton, blank T shirts ordered online. Surf lifestyle clothes are expensive and portraying an image means nothing to me. Shoot, I've been known to surf in running shorts in the...
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    Hurley axes surf team (

    I think the next wave will be the talented, artistic kid growing up in a beach town who is sewing trunks for the boys. Then it grows organically and becomes a lifestyle brand that everyone wants in on. Kind of like how the brands from the 60s and 70s evolved, blew up, and then collapsed under...
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    how to keep swim fins from cracking?

    I have a pair of Vipers that are 4-5 years old. Rinse them after every use and keep them in the garage. Still like brand new.
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    What island is this??

    Well, you taught me more about the Channel Island chain than any other source, so if you don't know, I'm stumped. I will say however, that during this time of year and with these weather conditions, I have seen mirages that look like islands off the CA coast.
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    face to face dec 27th garden amp/locker room

    That kid is cool as hell. Good egg.
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    Merry Christmas

    What? There's rules here?
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    *** Official What do you want for CHRISTMAS Thread ***

    A new butt........because mine has a crack in it.
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    Er'BB hoedown...long time?!

    Yeah. Lets plan on that. I'll bring the carne asada and malt liquor this time!
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    Er'BB hoedown...long time?!

    Might just have to have a PNW erBB hoedown!
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    Er'BB hoedown...long time?!

    We don't need any of these other clowns for an excuse to hang out, I just can't get my schedule to line up. I'll be up in Washington near Shiver Me Timber's area on those dates. Then I go back to work for 5 days straight.
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    Surf Memoriablia on Ebay - Surf Punk's Reel to Reel Master

    I had this record in junior high.