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    R.I.P. Neil Peart

    Damn it! Fook cancer!!!
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    Davey Miller shaped Bonzer Knock $20 off for the erbb.
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    dwarf touch

    Can anyone direct me to the dwarf touch thread? I tried the search feature but no luck. Got a buddy who had a golden opportunity to pull off the illusive dwarf touch today but was unaware of the phenomenon. I need to get him up to speed.
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    triple crown poster

    Maybe I'm tripping, but the triple crown poster with the three girls on it. The white girl flanked by the two native looking girls. The girl in the middle sure does look an awful lot like Lyndie and he wardrobe malfunction at Pipe last year. Is this some kind of teaser of things to come at pipe...
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    concert tickets

    Curious whats the most you've paid for concert tickets. Thinking about pulling the trigger on some tickets the wifey really wants but their spendy. Thing is, we rarely get to do stuff like this. Im contemplateing saying F it and buying em and having a fun night out with the wife.
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    On day 4 of this sh!t. Sharp aches and pains throughout my body, 102 temp, chills, splitting headache, etc. Now barely able to get out of bed to get to the shitter to **** out of my arse. At what point do I go see the doc or put a bullet in my head. Surfing related cus the surf has been getting...
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    TSJ-Allan Byrne

    Great read on a very interesting, very smart guy. Would love to take one of those deep channeled Byrning Spears for a ride on a wave worthy of them. Beautiful boards. Shame what they did to him at the Pipe Masters. "Spent his whole life in the pursuit of velocity. Exponential speed." I believe...