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    Wide Surfboards

    Anyone ever surf wide surfboards? I think it’s a good discussion and here is my personal journey into wide boards. First saw a kneeboard on craigslist that was 24.5 wide. It was a good price and I liked the shape. Bought it and had the fin moved back to normal and surfed it a bunch. The...
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    Ideal fin setup for glider

    I have a 12 x 24 x 5 glider. It has the 4 + 1 boxes setup. The tail is a double diamond. I mostly ride it in San Diego at longer point break waves. I have it set up as a single fin right now but previously had it as a quad fin. When I had it as a quad fin it felt good going...
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    EPS Board has little bumps at laps

    Hope this is the right forum. My new EPS longboard has a bunch of little bumps along the rail and at the lap lines. It was glassed heavy maybe that is why the bumps are there? If you run your hand down the rail it feels like sandpaper for a good 2 ft portion of the rail. If you look...