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  1. Chocki

    Golden Arches Never More Than 145 Miles Away
  2. Chocki

    Fight Club

    Released 10/15/99. More relevant than ever imo (special snowflake, anti consumerism, etc.).
  3. Chocki

    Move To Santa Cruz And You Will Die

    Or at least get abducted from your home in the middle of the night.
  4. Chocki

    Who Remembers Frankie Olberholzer?

    Design related cuz he shapes boards. Still styling rad as ever. His son is rad too.
  5. Chocki

    Up In Smoke.

  6. Chocki

    Five Days In The Bay With Maurice Cole

  7. Chocki

    Selling my MTF, Advice needed on pricing, dibs for da bb bros an hos , etc.

    Decided that since all I really ride is my single fin, that Id sell the MTF (Merrick Twin Fin) on Craigslist or ebay. Bought it a couple years ago, she's Moonlight glassed, two big glassed on fins w/ a fcs trailer, in very good cond., and comes w/ a padded bag. Im not out to get evry penny I...
  8. Chocki

    Help w/ homemade "Widowmaker" Conversion

    Got an old thruster off of craigslist and for the hell of it was going to make it into a widowmaker. Any advice on placement of the new fin box would be appreciated (how far up from the tail?). Thanks in adv.