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    Dave McCoy RIP

    People I know who knew him personally are unanimous in saying he was a great guy. Blessings to the McCoy family and thanks to Dave for many years of great runs!
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    The Dems blew it

    The Dems blew it. They allowed their passions and their seething hatred of Trump to drive the bus and they pulled the impeachment trigger totally prematurely. The cooler heads in their party did not prevail and they really rushed things. Had they slowed things down and meticulously built a...
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    Biggest balls - downhill ski racers or big wave surfers?

    Been watching the Hahnenkamm and recent Jaws vids and I wonder... The adrenaline rush has got to be the same, and a wipeout equals getting hit on the head by a pile driver or jumping out of a car on the freeway.
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    One of these women is black. Can you tell which one?

    I just read an article about how Meghan Markle is being treated unfairly because she is black. I didn't even know she was black when she was just an actress on Suits. Who here, if you saw her walking down the street and didn't know who she was, would think, "there is a black woman."
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    He actually posted this

    There are no words.
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    Getting sick of this flatness!!

    This fall has sucked in my area. Day after day of perfect sunny warm glassy light offshores and ZERO waves! And I've had opportunity/time to grab a few, and my back has been feeling good lately. Grrr.....
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    Whodaguy Jeffrey Bizzack?

    And what's a "Surfing Executive" do to afford a quarter-million dollar bribe to get his kid into USC?
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    Trump is having a bad hair day

    Rug, or just extra hairspray??
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    Is Trump losing FoxNews?

    Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, and Bret Baier have all taken Cheeto to the woodshed in recent days. Seems like he's only left with Hannity, Ingraham, and Carlson as his besties on "fair and balanced"
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    Cheeto explains the Cheeto effect

    You can't make this sh!t up.
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    FDR's D-Day prayer

    He spoke this over the radio. A man who truly loved his country, and it's people. Leadership. Trump would/could never give such an eloquent statement, and any President who did would face the wrath of the SJW intolerance mob.
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    Surf's Up! [video:youtube][/video]
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    LA Times article on Kassia Meador

    Interesting read.
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    RIP Dick Dale

    The world's supply of stoke just got a little bit smaller :(
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    Is Trump losing the sane part of his base?

    Lead article on what is a pretty solid conservative rag. Makes him look like an idiot.
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    Trump declares emergency to get his wall

    And of course that settles that!
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    How long will Trump last?

    More and more Repubs are getting fed up with this loose cannon. At some point they will abandon him for someone they can control, like Pence. He's already given them a pro-life judge, rolled back environmental protections, and lowered taxes for the rich. There's not much more he can deliver...
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    If a soldier is ordered to fire on unarmed civilians

    Can he legally disobey that order? Isn't it an illegal order? And can the officer giving the order be found guilty as well? Lt. William Calley comes to mind.
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    The Chargers beat the Raiders quite nicely today and I am completely conflicted by this. Was a Chargers fan since the Alworth/Hadl/Garrison days, through the dark ages of Harland Svare, the Fouts years, and all the way up through Junior and on to Phil Rivers. But no more! Fook those guys, and...
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    Speaking of Hitler...

    There's some truth here.