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    Besides Fecalface & Trump name one American who is not racist.....go
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    MLB Official thread 2020

    Its probably to early to start this thread but.....
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    Did he make it

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    Plastic bags

    We're paying $.10 a bag I've got a Fkn load of them in the garage, 6 or 8 in my truck and I'm sick of them....I'm throwing them all out Charging .10 a bag doesn't do jackshit to save the earth Youve been warned, If the world ends tomorrow you know why
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    Russian chicks are the best

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    Ali was the greatest

  7. laidback

    So what the hell are the Russians doing

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    Instagram page....police wearing body cams

    Real sh!t happening here Dont make it political, just real police doing there jobs
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    Baseball catchers are awesome

    Watch the whole thing, it's worth it
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    College football

    Lsu vs Oklahoma Here we go..... Sideline reporter working it with Coach O
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    This is your next president....maybe

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    Tiger #Savage

    Shook his opponents hand, patted him on the back before his putt even drops
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    Time magazine - person of the year

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    Shooting in NJ

    Fecal, Mundus, ilk Tell us what happened, just the facts
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    Vegan influencer comes clean
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    CWTA - auto insurance

    I've been with state farm for 35 years What are the pros and cons of going with a mercury, geico, etc... I'm looking to save a couple bucks
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    Myles Garrett - Done....NFL related

    Strips off Rudolph's Helmet & beats him with it
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    Erbb has Turned to sh!t

    That's all I have to say
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    This will make you laugh