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    My Kids Get Me SO STOCKED!!!

    I'm at work and my daughter just texted me, asking about some old song. Next thing I know, I've gone down the YouTube rabbit hole, sending her all these great videos of the music of my youth. She loved them and we totally connected. How did my kids go from this little blob of flesh who...
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    Found Board On I-5 S @Vista Hermosa

    Hey guys, Found a board on Monday on I-5 S at Vista Hermosa in San Clemente about 3:30 PM. It's a pretty specialized little chip for a grom ripper. It has damage but could possibly be repaired. Give me the color and fin set up and I'll get it back to you.
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    Old Fashioned Sundek Trunks

    Question for those of you who see adds in the margin of the erBB Forum: Am I trippin' or are they really asking $129 for a pair of these?
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    Ghost Wave Audio

    Finished the Ghost Wave audio book from last week. Very good! Chris, your decision to narrate yourself was the right one. Not crazy about a book read by anyone other than the author because they aren't able to convey the emotion or feeling as well as the author. The unedited...