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  1. njsurfer42

    6’6” Russ Short in NJ

    See c-list ad for details: *will not ship*
  2. njsurfer42

    Futures fins

    -T1 twin+trailer, red honeycomb, brand new. PayPal (friends/family) or cash. Add $5 for shipping.
  3. njsurfer42

    5’8” CI/CB Biscuit

    Brand new-waxed & never ridden. Not looking for trades. Asking $475, reasonable offers entertained.
  4. njsurfer42

    WTB: Tomo Vader

    As the title says, I’m looking for a Tomo Vader. 34L+/-, Futures preferred. Not picky about whether it’s Firewire or XTR as long as it fits the bill.
  5. njsurfer42

    2 bonzers in NJ

    6’1” Mini Merk: 6’4” Shelter:
  6. njsurfer42

    WTB: Tomo Evo

    XTR preferred, but LFT ok too. 5’7” or 34Lish. I know someone out there is holding one.
  7. njsurfer42

    MGB-GT bonzer

    Anyone still riding these? Kind of in the market for a grovel/small wave bonzer. I’m super minimal quiver-wise at the moment & I want to keep it that way. I have a mat, a 6’1” Mini Merk, a 6’4” Shelter, & a 9’6” log-but I’m not really a longboard guy. The mini b5/mblv never really clicked for...
  8. njsurfer42

    Octa-Merk vs Mini Merk

    What are the main differences? As I understand it, an Octa-Merk is essentially just a Mini Merk w/ an Octafish back a straighter rail in the back third of the board? My 5’10” Octafish was one of my favorite boards of all time & I’m just wondering if there’s a way to adapt it to...
  9. njsurfer42

    Make me an offer...

    I’ve got a couple fin sets to offer: Jack Jensen biter guy quad set, FCS base, clear fiberglass. Well used but in excellent shape. TA Hobie keels, futures base, brand new. Smoke fiberglass. SOLD I’m also selling my 14’ Bark Commander prone paddleboard. Asking $950 obo. Not gonna ship...
  10. njsurfer42

    fins for sale/trade

    make me a reasonable offer. all are in great shape & would run $70-$85 new. will trade any set for a set of fcs mr-tfx twin+trailer set in solid glass (the old black/white or blue/white ones). True Ames CI large SOAR LE8...same exact template as the FCS MF large.
  11. njsurfer42

    6'4" Mini Merk

    c-list linky:
  12. njsurfer42

    14' Bark Commander in NJ

    Selling my 14' Bark Commander. Tough, durable AST construction...great board for a heavier paddler or someone looking for a lot of glide w/out the storage hassle of a UL board. I'll get pics when the weather improves, but it is less than a year old & well maintained/cared for. Retails new...
  13. njsurfer42

    FS- Vader & Evo

    5'8" LFT Vader, futures fin boxes. brand new, never been waxed, w/ dakine AI pad. asking $550. 5'7" LFT Evo, futures fin boxes. about a year old, so some very light pressures on the deck. bottom is clean. dakine pad. asking $475. I have a brand new set of true ames fiberglass ci large that...
  14. njsurfer42

    Psyko or Hydronaut for NJ step-up?

    i'm really, really sold on Tomo's MPH concept & would like to find a board for when it gets bigger/drifty/steep here in NJ & my Evo & Vader top out...think head high or so on up to as big, cold, & heavy as it gets around here. i was initially thinking Hydronaut would be the call, but i've been...
  15. njsurfer42

    single fin eggs

    anyone still riding them? they blew up huge in the early-2000s, but i hardly see anyone riding them anymore. i had a 6'6" that i really liked, rambled through central america & southern california w/ just it & a 5'10" twin keel & am thinking of having it recreated.
  16. njsurfer42

    a few fins

    True Ames KC (futures base): brand new, $55 shipped Futures Roberts large: brand new, $70 shipped FCS MF-1, signed by Mick: ] brand new, signed by the 3x champ. $85 shipped
  17. njsurfer42

    5'10" Octafish in NJ

    making more room for some dad-bod friendly designs. hard to let this one go, it's one of my favorite boards of all time, but it's under-foamed for me now.
  18. njsurfer42

    5'7" Evo, 5'9" Omni in NJ

    had a baby, put on a bunch of weight, & only managed to surf 2x in the last 3 months due to lack of light & time constraints. something more "dad friendly" is in my future after the holidays, so these guys gotta go! c-list links: Evo:
  19. njsurfer42

    fin blow out!

    going along w/ my board purge is a fin collection purge. all sets are in excellent, like new condition. $55 shipped w/in the CONUS. quad rears $30 shipped. QD2 4.15 blackstix SOLD Roberts large generator SOLD MB tri-quad SOLD JJF large techflex SOLD AM2 techflex SOLD T1 twin...
  20. njsurfer42

    quiver blow out sale

    bills are piling up, babies are expensive, & i keep reaching for the same board(s) whenever i get to go surf, so it's time to blow some stuff out. pics available on request, just pm me a cell # or email to send them to. boards are located in southern nj & all prices are fairly firm. not...