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  1. bonzer5fin

    RIP otf???

    please tell me it isn’t true!!!
  2. bonzer5fin

    erBB on kauai

    subway, ppk, me, steve lis, and others are all enjoying some surf and food. life’s good! and happy thanksgiving.
  3. bonzer5fin

    Beast mode wave pool.

  4. bonzer5fin

    Selling my Bolt.
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  6. bonzer5fin


    why is my name changed??? this must end!!! B5F out!!!
  7. bonzer5fin

    Costa Rica rainy season.

    Been here a week. Always waves. Some barrels, some fun ones, some great ones. Having a blast. Did i mention the water is 84?
  8. bonzer5fin

    Happy Birthday BaliIdiot!

    Mazel tov, you bastard!
  9. bonzer5fin

    Happy Birthday PPK!!!

    Thanks for all you do, you kananka Uncle! Love you!!! Have the best day!!!
  10. bonzer5fin

    RIP Gary Chapman

    Severely underrated legendary NorthShore charger and shortboard revolutionist Gary Chapman has passed away. Very little else known. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. RIP Greg.
  11. bonzer5fin

    Witchipoo Rocks!!!

    Our own Witchipoo, who is a bad ass, reunited with her old band last night. i couldn’t be there, but I have seen what I missed. Good to see you back behind the kit, and looking healthy!!! Kick ass, Witchipoo!!!
  12. bonzer5fin

    erBB run in...

    Saw this one last night.
  13. bonzer5fin


    you old fvcker. Much love. Your friend, B5F. :censored: :applause2: :roflmao: :nana:
  14. bonzer5fin

    Help a brother out.

    Hey erBB. our friend, groggylbc, forgot his login and password. He’s headed to san sebastián in Spain in April. Anyone with connections? He wants to surf, and hasn’t been there before. Who do we have there? Please post on this thread, and he can read it. Thanks, B5F
  15. bonzer5fin

    Streaming Rams game.

    Anyone have the link?
  16. bonzer5fin

    New wetsuit for SF.

    Should be enough, right?
  17. bonzer5fin

    Happy birthday, surf cat!!!

    We love you, Dale! Hope you're well, my friend.
  18. bonzer5fin

    The Ranch to get public access? Discuss.
  19. bonzer5fin

    Can we talk about the kento diet?

    And how much do I have to eat to do a gutback?
  20. bonzer5fin

    Post of the Year.

    Let's see 'em. There were some doozies.