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  1. manbearpig

    Pretty wild new design for jaws gun
  2. manbearpig

    Gary Mcneil Torus

    This boards been popping up on my insta a lot lately. Looks like a great twin. Anyone ridden one? What kind of fins? Keels or more modern templates?
  3. manbearpig

    Miami food spots?

    In Miami for my grandfathers 90th. Never been down here but cool place so far. Anyone have any interesting hole in the wall spots to grab lunch? I feel like Cuban would be appropriate.
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    Grub Screw size?

    Just got down to the Caribbean and realized I forgot a fin key. Anyone know what size grub keys are? Will stop at a hardware store.
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    Jake Burton RIP

    Sad day for history of snowboarding.
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    Anyone recognize board...

    This was on a recent Surfline “review”, aka advertisement, for wetsuits. Looks like it may be a twin. Anyone know the shaper?
  8. manbearpig

    Sizing a “real” step up

    i was feeling up a 7’0 FCD F rocket today and it had me thinking about sizing a real step up like this; my biggest being a 6’6 not all that far off from my short boards width and a little thicker. This 7’0 was significantly wider and thicker but felt good under arm. How much higher volume/size...
  9. manbearpig

    Broad pron

    Last second purchase on an insane deal. 6’3 19 2.5 Maurice Cole EEV, his reverse vee model. Stoked to get this in good waves.
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    Iran x USA

  11. manbearpig

    Scotland- March

    Thinking about changing things up and trying to avoid crowds for a trip this winter. No stranger to cold and have traveled to cold destinations in the past. Anyone have any insight as to how the surf is this time of year in Scotland, particularly Thurso?
  12. manbearpig

    DIY Morocco

    Anyone go this way? How did you find it getting around and Going to the different waves?
  13. manbearpig

    Worst surf trip

    We’ve done best. Now for the bad- no waves, sick, bad situations, etc. My worst was possibly second trip to Ecuador. I was backpacking with a board and staying where I found accommodation. The waves never really came together during the three weeks. A few very good days but overall it was...
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    Rusty Twin- Opinions?

    I vaguely remember a thread about them but couldn’t find it. Anyone ridden one?
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    Purposely missing a connection flight

    I’m off to turkey next week for a wedding in bodrum and me and the lady want to spend some time In Istanbul as well. I was able to book it with points but without thinking I booked the whole trip to be in bodrum with the connection flight from bodrum-Istanbul. The booking agency made it either...
  16. manbearpig

    What Campbell bros is Miley February Surfing? Anyone know? Looks cruisy and super fun. February might be my new favorite surfer. Apologies as I...
  17. manbearpig

    CI Twin

    It’s tax return season and I found a pretty nice little 5’7 CI Twin on sale. Anyone ridden one?
  18. manbearpig

    Noble People of the Errb- Computer Question

    I'm taking a few classes that require Photoshop and Autocad. By the end of the month I will be taking a new job an hour away from campus. Right now I don't mind the 20min to go to the school to use their labs but that will change when the commute more than doubles. I have an extra lap top I...
  19. manbearpig

    True Ames R. Lovelace Keel vs. Piggyback

    Want a new set of twins for my DVS and thinking between these two. She feels a bit stiff on the face of the wave with the DVS Shapers twins. Kind of leaning toward the Pigs as they are a little more drastically different. What say yee errb?
  20. manbearpig

    Trip Through Spain

    I usually end up sharing images from my annual surf trip. Just got back from two weeks in Spain. From Sopelana to Ferrol and back. Surfing and site seeing the whole way. BEAUTIFUL country, some epic set ups. Waves were mostly average with a few solid days mixed in toward the end. Did get a...