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    How long is your barrel board?

    In relation to your height. For good barrels say 6-9' face height?
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    Black Privilege

    72 days in Jail lol
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    Which one of you was this?

    I've got it cued up for you press PLAY.
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    Orange County Beach Vacation Recommendations

    Looking to take the family for a vrbo beach vacation in Orange County in september. Looking for recommendations on where exactly. What im looking for: >Rental or hotel on or very close to the beach >fun waves right out front or within walking distance >A couple of excursions for the kids...
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    Channel bottom in offshore wind

    I keep reading that channels hate chop, what about stiff offshore wind? 10-20mph?
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    "White Genocide Now" at Womens March.

    Video embed seeming to not work [video:youtube][/video]
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    liberal doublethink

    Colonialism = bad Colonialism by browns = good BONUS SECTION You cant take any pride in your ancestors accomplishments, but you can be punished for their sins.
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    Cal Poly admins plot to reduce white students. Don't worry though, its all merit based.
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    The sh*t white people have to deal with.

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    Kanoa Igarashi

    Why does the WSL have Kanoa as a Japanese surfer when he was born in America and is an American citizen?
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    8’ 10” Pyzel Padillac

    8’10” x 21” x 3” 57.3L Good condition, not much use. 5 fin futures Fins and leash not included $775 obo Board is in Santa Barbara
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    8'6" Pyzel Padillac

    8'6" x 21" x 3" 55L $775 Excellent condition, barely used at all. 5 fin setup. Fins/leash not included. This is in Santa Barbara.
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    Channel Islands 6'1", 6'10 and Roberts Kneeboard

    CL ads for both.
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    What board do you ride this day?

    Age/Height/Weight and what board with what fin setup? [video:youtube][/video]