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    Bali in September - rent or take board

    Going with my son for 10 days in September. Are the rental boards decent? I am a member with Awayco. Anyone with experience?
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    Futures F8 Fins

    I have been using Roberts medium fins in my custom 6’3 Black Cobra for a few years now. I only pull out that board in waves of consequence, HH plus and with some juice. In really powerful waves its great and the board is magic at a couple of spots but when there is a little less power I seem to...
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    What board for NSW October through Feb?

    Going to be in Australia from October through February spending time in Sydney and Lennox Head area. I assume it will be pretty small most of the time. Which board to cover most conditions through that period? Thinking an allrounder like a Lost QK(I have one) or a local model like a Chilli...
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    Portugal in September

    Where to go? Family friendly with decent waves would be nice. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks
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    Lost Quiver Killer

    Anyone got one or has ridden one? Just about to pull the trigger.
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    El Salvador in May. Yay or Nay?

    Thinking about a trip to ES in 2 weeks time. Is it crowded right now or are they in-between seasons? Also, west or east? Surf camp or go off the cuff? Thanks.
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    Futures Seaworthy Controller Quad Fins

    Anyone have a set and how do they compare to the glass or yellow stock versions? I see they are honeycomb so should be a bit looser than the originals, which I liked a lot. I lost one of my yellow fronts in the water and need to get a new set of fins for my Lazyboy. I see on Amazon that...