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    So which one of you was the troll that slater called out?

    Then there's the other story just below it informing us that Billy Kemper has broken his pelvis in Africa.
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    What Boards You Got On Order?

    Sold my van to local shaper and included a custom in the deal. 7'6" x 22&1/2" x 3" with a double concave bottom and secret sauce rails. The nose is fuller than I was expecting but now it's got that mini mal stealthiness about it because it is the loosest midlength I've ever ridden and I've owned...
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    Distant Shores

    Got a P900 you made on your own?
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    Distant Shores

    They better get some engineers out to those cranes on the oil rigs...someone replaced them with spaghetti! Photos on earth that show a horizon a bit further than normal do not trump photos taken from space of a spherical earth.
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    I was going to say look for an Austin surfboards paipo/bellyboard but when I searched for a link to provide I discovered he pulled the pin on his surfboard business and is now making hand crafted pens. Have a look at on the forums. Linky...
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    Hydra Lives !!

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    You could copy and paste your post into the fats chicks threads as well! :p
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    Distant Shores

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Rusty custom

    "Brand new"...ridden once. Duh...used. Not long ago went to buy a board that was advertised as "brand new, never ridden." Got it out in the light and it had heel dents. Only minor but it had been ridden.
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    Distant Shores

    Muddy the waters. Nowhere did I say or did you ask who was the first to show the motion of the earth. I was giving you an example of one of your own finding out that the earth is moving. I especially like how you are incredulous that results from a flat earthers use of a laser ring gyroscope...
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    Distant Shores

  12. Retropete

    Distant Shores

    Movement of the earth: 15 degree per hour drift as shown by Bob Knodel using a laser ring gyroscope.
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    Distant Shores

    Assuming the earth is flat and assuming water is always level what is maintaining the earth's level? Even 1 degree of axial tilt will have 1/2 of the oceans of the world and other large bodies of water causing catastrophic flooding. There must be something maintaining this critical level since...
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    Distant Shores

    As per Sickdog's comment I would to say it's easy while hiding your identity on an internet forum to say any kind of crap. Before you type or post stuff about calling the challenger disaster a hoax address whether you would be man enough to call it a hoax face to face with the loved ones of the...
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    Weight loss is harder than rocket science.

    That's it for a lot of people. Laziness, lack of ability and or knowledge to prepare ones own food, convenience, time restraints come into play.
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    Let's clear some things up.

    Looks like you're using the new spellcheck/autocorrect feature...what gives? :-)
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    Maybe in 3 days time he can pull off a resurrection.
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    If working off the less $s in the bank is more "core" amongst the surfing zealots I could be a real contender. I nominate for Havoc to fly the Firewire flag from now on.
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    Women drivers...

    Can we talk about obese women drivers?
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    Watch out! Cyclist coming through

    A quick head check can save your life.