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  1. Geopac

    Oahu bound 12/12

    Coming in hot fellow erBB bro brah pro ho's. Land in HNL midday solo for the weekend. Question, where do I surf tomorrow?(Thursday). With country being XXL tomorrow (Thurs) and waaay out of my league what are my options??? Will this direction wrap around to SW side? I scored a super fun reeling...
  2. Geopac

    Yankees invade LA

    Heading up to LA this weekend from SD for Yankees/Dodgers series at the ravine. Meeting a few buddies from NY who booked a place in Koreatown. Any suggestions on best options to get around (Bird, Uber, mass transit?) and where to go out in the area (food, bars, lounges, etc..) preferably...
  3. Geopac

    Welcome to America post pulled

    8-ML-216885-ML-<br /><br />Still political even if it's just asking where your other political post went.
  4. Geopac

    Welcome to America post pulled

    Any Idea why mods pulled my post showing illegal immigrants washing ashore in SD this morning?
  5. Geopac

    Welcome to America

    Spotted a panga full of illegals punch through the surf and storm the beach in South SD this morning. I guess they heard about the 15,000 troops coming to patrol the border next week and wanted to "beat the heat".
  6. Geopac

    United drops surfboard bag fees to/from California

    Wow didn't see this coming. Whelp United just became my favorite carrier. The new slogan should be "Fly the surfer friendly skies!"
  7. Geopac

    Puerto Escondido just got rocked by a 7.5 Earthquake

  8. Geopac

    Flooring contractor in San Diego

    Need to find one ASAP to replace my subfloor. Anyone know of one or have any connections? I'm in the process of having laminate wood floors installed in my condo but Home Depot flooring crew cannot continue the demo due to the shape and quality of the particle board subfloor. They don't do...
  9. Geopac

    Major 8.1 Earthquake off Oaxaca

    Possible 12ft Tsunami about to arrive in Salina Cruz triggered by offshore quake. Hope everyone there is moving to higher ground and stays safe. 1am local time, scary shite!
  10. Geopac

    Back from the Bukit

    Just got back Friday and absolutely scored! Lucked into being there for the Surfline feature swell "Indo opens for business" last Thursday and man was it a sick swell. Stayed right at Bingin so primarily surfed there and Impossible's. Bingin super crowded with a tight take off zone but...
  11. Geopac

    Anyone have a spare parking space in the South Bay/LAX vicinity?

    Driving up from SD 3 May for my flight to Indo and thought I'd just throw it out there and ask before I pay $12/day long term parking for 2 weeks.
  12. Geopac

    EVA AIR Boardbag Fees?

    Flying LAX to Bali through Taipei in 3 weeks. 7'0" board bag with 2 boards. How much are they going to hit me up for?
  13. Geopac


    Heading up next Monday 1/23 to take advantage of all this "Pineapple Express" pow that's been falling lately. Driving up from waveless San Diego with my lady and was curious if anyone has any recommendations or lodging connections, specifically looking for a mountain village condo. Any fellow...
  14. Geopac

    Lowers Pro - BOMB South - near miss

    Absolute BOMB on the charts. Unfortunately it looks like the final day will be held just as the forerunners from this storm are starting to show. Lowers should be pushing double overhead plus starting the day after the contest holding period ends, May 3-4-5th. Brazzos are stocked!
  15. Geopac

    Drywall repair help in San Diego

    Anybody in the PB/La Jolla area have the experience and time to help a fellow erbb brotha out with some patch work in my ceiling? 3 holes about 4 inches long. I can have a 12 pack of the beer of your choice and possibly a lap dance from this stripper I met on Tinder for your services.
  16. Geopac

    NYC peeps

    In town from San Diego celebrating the holidays and my 39th today. Will be cruising around the Village/SOHO all day today and night (30 Dec) if anybody wants to meet up for a brewskis and or shots. Female recruits welcome! :cheers:
  17. Geopac

    Hurricane Vance

    Coming soon to a Mexican Beach near you!
  18. Geopac

    Any erbb plumbers/handyman available in San Diego?

    Seeking to hire someone for minor plumbing repairs in my new condo. Also any skills with electrical work for lighting and flooring would be a plus as I need to make some renovations. Send me a PM if so or if you could refer someone. Cheers!
  19. Geopac

    Los Cabos Open Of Surf

    They will just miss out again on a SOLID Tropical swell. Cristina swell will be peaking Friday than quickly trailing off into the weekend. Seems to be a theme. Remember last year? Crap surf for the contest than 2 days after the final Hurricane Cosme delivers the swell of the year!