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  1. HarryLopez

    Late March freedom.... What to do?

    Got the Spring Break time (9 days, maybe 8 to have 1 to relax) to fook off, so contemplating what to do: Explore OR coast surfy Snowboard close to home - snowboard Maybe Mex surf trip - surfy CA road trip - probably surfy Was thinking JHole but old college friend who lives there will be...
  2. HarryLopez

    New board!

    STOCK is all I can say. :jam_on: Haven't ridden it but will probably get a chance soon! Also haven't ordered a board in a while, and figured since moving away from the ocean, why not? Just kidding, but had been wanting to support this shaper (met him through a friend a while back, cool guy and...
  3. HarryLopez

    Help me get in shape! Thinking about starting a GoFund me thingy to help as well. I live close by, you think they would cut the cost if I biked from home? Do you think signed autographs are extra? I mean, BREATHE training alone would make it worth the 5Gs!
  4. HarryLopez

    OR Coastal erbbers

    Works out that I have a few days (Fri-Sun) to hit the coast from the HIGH desert, probably around Pacific City (rather spend more time in water than driving :shrug: ) . I will be traveling sans family, will have a cooler with libations and snacks, a surfboard, maybe a skateboard and pads and...
  5. HarryLopez

    Home gym

    Oh all knowledgeable erbb.... I'm thinking of getting a heavy bag for my house, just to hit, kick, stay in shape kinda stuff. I mean, most of us are obese, right? So, what say you... Are the big heavy bags that hang from ceiling/metal frame good? Or, are those freestanding cylindrical bags...
  6. HarryLopez

    OR surf

    Going to make the drive from Bend this coming Mon or Tues. Looks like there may be swell, but being a full on newbie, FOB Hawaiioregonian, I'm really not sure where to drive to. :roflmao: Any of you that are more knowledgable could PM me. :shaka: Or don't, I'm going anyway! :dancing: Beers on...
  7. HarryLopez

    Should I support my local shaper?

    My answer is normally yes. But, my local shaper is Gerry Lopez. :shaka: Just found out he lives about 10 clicks away from me. What say you all? I'm inclined to, if just because I had posters of him all over my wall as a keiki. Anyone have any dealings/experience with his boards? Too expensive...
  8. HarryLopez

    House with a pool...

    Oh most knowledgable and crazy ERBB, what say you about houses with swimming pools? Pros and cons? Looking at buying a house, and one has come up that is a nice place, and it has a pool. What are the maintenance costs, etc... I have a six year old girl who can swim already. <a...
  9. HarryLopez

    First surf in OR!

    After months of learning at Grad school + fam + life, I am going to get to the coast this weekend. I have a 3-4 day window and I am hoping it is good! Getting my suit, booties, and maybe gloves this week, and it's on! I've been looking at the reports, looks like it may be big and windy...
  10. HarryLopez

    OR Transplant haole wetsuit thickness?

    I promise not to talk OR pidgin or vibe from the deck of an SUP.... In my college days, surfed SB and central coast spots in a 4/3, never wore booties. Surfed OBSF and other spots with a 4/3 for a few years, booties a handful of times. So, possibly looking for a new suit since the OR...
  11. HarryLopez

    PNW bound!

    So, I bothered you all about becoming a teacher, and now I will bother you all even more! The move is on! I'm going to be attending Lewis and Clark in Portland for my degree, living in Tigard. The family is excited/nervous/... all of the above about the move! Would be stocked to hear any...
  12. HarryLopez

    Public beach access threatened! Not sure how to feel. Spent many days diving/surfing/nighttime shenanigans there. But, once the lawsuits start, hard not to shut it down. I just wonder if the fence would even work...
  13. HarryLopez

    Surfing naked

    Got the idea from the towel changing thread. That thread got me thinking of the early-mid 80's Kaiser's crew. I wasn't part of that crew, but a gremmie just trying to get waves and not get sent in. Anyway, once and a while, in the arvo/evening sessions, that crew would wait until the tourist...
  14. HarryLopez

    Great gift for the SUPer in your life! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />
  15. HarryLopez

    NS live
  16. HarryLopez

    Surf in molasses and you will...

    Have increased blood sugar? Die from shark attack? Get the munchies? Friend of mine that captains the Navitek said the sharks, rays, eels that haven't died are all over the harbor eating the dead fish. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/00000045.gif" alt="" />
  17. HarryLopez

    Becoming a teacher

    I know there are a few teachers here, but just wanted to throw out this query to the erbb. I am going to pursue becoming a teacher, Elementary or Middle school. Being that I am changing careers at age 43, is there anyone who has done this? What advice would you give me moving forward? I am...
  18. HarryLopez

    The Road to Ghost Cabins

    Heard it was good. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shrug.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/computer.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />
  19. HarryLopez

    Blade runner

    Maybe he thought she was a replicant? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shrug.gif" alt="" />
  20. HarryLopez

    Who dunnit?

    Honolulu police have opened an attempted murder case after a 24-year-old man says he was assaulted and pushed underwater several times at the Banzai Pipeline on Oahu's North Shore Sunday. It happened about 50-to-100-feet offshore at around 11 a.m. The suspect is a 32-year-old man. No arrest...