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  1. Geopac

    jaws now

    Dorians Jaws bomb a few years back way bigger and gnarlier IMHO
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  3. Geopac

    Don’t let your wife...

    Go to Cabo with her girlfriends :devilish:
  4. Geopac

    surf trip report

    You forgot to attach the naked Tinder babe pic :love:
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    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the NFL. The first Super Bowl had the Green Bay Packers vs the Kansas City Chiefs. Super Bowl LIV February 3rd 2020 in Miami will be the Green Bay Packers vs the Kansas City Chiefs. This will be no coincidence.
  6. Geopac

    ***Official Snow Surfing 2019 - 2020 Thread***

    Correct. Thunder Mtn is out of frame to the right.
  7. Baldy_2.jpg


  8. Geopac

    ***Official Snow Surfing 2019 - 2020 Thread***

    Mt San Antonio and Mt Baldy ski resort ( lower right), from my window seat flying to Vegas Monday afternoon 1/6
  9. Baldy 1_6_20.jpg

    Baldy 1_6_20.jpg

  10. Geopac

    *** Official Billabong Pipe Masters thread ***

    Judges clearly trying to keep Griff in this heat
  11. Geopac

    Heaviest Wave In Socal

    Winner Winner Nasi Goreng dinner!
  12. Geopac

    *** Official Billabong Pipe Masters thread ***

    Contest will most likely be off until Thursday. Unfortunately we will not see perfect Pipe for the last few remaining days of the waiting period as a solid trade swell will kick back in today and lasting through the week creating conditions similar to last Friday. The new NW swell will most...
  13. Geopac

    Oahu bound 12/12

    Coming in hot fellow erBB bro brah pro ho's. Land in HNL midday solo for the weekend. Question, where do I surf tomorrow?(Thursday). With country being XXL tomorrow (Thurs) and waaay out of my league what are my options??? Will this direction wrap around to SW side? I scored a super fun reeling...
  14. Geopac

    *** Official Billabong Pipe Masters thread ***

    SOLID NW on the charts for Thursday/Friday 12/12-13. Swell shifts NNW and contest will most likely wrap up Saturday/Sunday 12/14-15 in pumping Backdoor. If you play fantasy you should consider adding Zeke to your team. I expect him to get pushed through a few heats due to the locals social media...
  15. Geopac

    55º air with 70º water

    8/10 were wearing fullsuits at O-side Harbor this morning. The water temp is 71 friggin degrees!!! Man Southern Californians are such pvssies.
  16. Geopac

    RIP Sunny Garcia?

    Abstract copied from Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) Based on the photos and description by Sunny's family, he is most likely in the minimally conscious state. "People in a vegetative state due to stroke, loss of oxygen to the brain (anoxia) or some types of severe medical...
  17. Geopac

    No Chopo thread?

    Right ocean, wrong Island chain. Fiji about to go next level this week with a swell that will light up Cloudbreak with triple overhead surf and well overhead surf at Restaurants for the next few days. Can they go mobile 2,000 miles to the East? #reefsoverpools
  18. Geopac

    Yankees invade LA

    Heading up to LA this weekend from SD for Yankees/Dodgers series at the ravine. Meeting a few buddies from NY who booked a place in Koreatown. Any suggestions on best options to get around (Bird, Uber, mass transit?) and where to go out in the area (food, bars, lounges, etc..) preferably...
  19. Geopac

    Morena Blvd and Pacific Beach just took it up the butt with no lube.

    And you thought Morena Costco was a sh!tshow now? Just wait! I live down at the end up the hill and its amazing how peaceful and quiet the area is on the holidays Costco is closed. Oh and that new light getting off the 5 North at Balboa to the Morena Blvd transition blows. That entire...
  20. Willa31