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    VESL SUPs?

    I want to buy a SUP and I guess there's a VESL factory direct outlet 10 minutes up the road. I'm guessing these things are Chinese popout crap, but are they at least rideable, durable Chinese popout crap? I want to tool around in the ocean and ride waves on days where I don't care enough to...
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    L5-S1 issues from paddling

    Anyone deal with back pain/sciatica/referred nerve pain caused or exacerbated by surfing or paddling? Every time I go out I end up with a stiff back and pain in my legs or groin. I've been doing stretches a chiro gave me but they aren't quite enough.
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    Orange County erBBers: who wants to play underwater hockey with me?

    OCC has underwater hockey Weds nights. Who's in?
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    Looks like I'm moving to Orange County.

    New job is near the Los Alamitos base. Thinking of living right on the beach in Huntington. I need a combination of surf, or at least no-drive ocean access, and enough nightlife to stay sane. Any other options you all would recommend? If anyone has an apartment for rent that meets the...
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    Catch Surf softtops Thinking about buying one of these to charge shorebreak. Anybody own one? Looking for info on the following: 1. These things are all super high volume, so do I want to go as short as possible for shorebreak...
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    Pelvic floor disorder/nerve pain

    After surfing, squatting, or just sitting a long time I'm getting tightened pelvic floor muscles and nasty pudendal nerve pain. Everywhere from my lower back to knees can ache. I understand the PT treatment for this involves stretching and sticking things up my ass, which sounds fun and all...
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    Costco Hyperlite Longboard

    Anybody buy one of these for fucking around on crappy days yet? I have a Wavestorm but the weight makes taking it out in NorCal beachbreak a pain in the ass. For $300, this thing can't be that bad if it's indestructible...
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    Oahu late Feb?

    Going to Hawaii for the first time at the end of the month. My parents bought a house in Waimanalo Beach to retire in. I'll be bringing some old boards to stash there. Any surf around that side of the island? Is the circus gone on the North Shore so I can get a couple barrels to myself? Is...
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    Mushy overhead beachbreak: egg or sleeker midlength single fin?

    erBB, Having some trouble figuring out exactly what I want. I have this idea in mind of something like this: I have plenty of boards for when the waves are pumping, but not enough for our more common days where it's chest...
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    It's mid-July and there hasn't been a real south up here this summer.

    None of our summer reefs have worked. Add that to terrible abalone conditions and I haven't had reason to get in the water in weeks. Flat spells ruined surfing.
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    SUP recommendations

    I want to join the dark side and buy a SUP. Mostly for (a) screwing around on otherwise worthless days and (b) charging some of the bigger surf with hell paddles we get in my neck of the woods. We have enough space up here where I won't be getting in anyone's way. I know nothing about SUPs...
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    who here actually owns the RinseKit?

    fess up
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    Anyone else own snakes?

    My redtail is perched in an odd position around my knee. My ball python is trying to escape his cage and hasn't been hungry since October.
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    I'm just going to leave this here without comment.

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    I need a new car. Help me.

    Requirements: used, just for cost purposes. I'd like to spend $20K or less. reliable as fook/zero maintenance decent or better gas mileage can handle Northern California surf/dive exploration, including driving in nasty rain and down dirt tracks. My Camrys have handled this fine with FWD...
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    Greg Griffin - 5 fin design question

    What's the functional difference between your 5 fin design that features the center fin aligned with the quad rears and the more conventional 5 fin design that has a quad template with a 5th fin trailer behind those?
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    Real roundtoe booties

    I need roundtoe booties. Real roundtoe booties. This is the old Xcel X-flex 3.0: The longest point of the sole - the "nose," if you will - is centered on the foot. In other words, the area that sticks out the farthest lines up around the second toe of the foot. This is the cut...
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    Sayulita early March?

    I have to head to Sayulita in early March. Any word on surf then?
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    Boardshort Recommendations

    I used to love O'Neill Superfreaks. O'Neill fucked up the cut and manufacturing - they now have inner leg seams and a four-way crotch seam instead of one saddle seam and seams on the outsides of the legs, and they don't stretch or fit right anymore. Where do I go from here?