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    Needs to see a doctor about DHS. :monkey:
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    Back in 86 or 87 my friend and I were checking the surf in North County SD, I think at Pipes or somewhere near there. Some chick was walking up a trail carrying a Xanadu board, and my buddy goes "what's this, Zan-a-du?" in a mocking drawl. We didn't see him initially and didn't know who he was...
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    Going left at Mavericks

    When I lived in SF in the early 90s, my neighbor Kirk Young was well-known for surfing the lefts at Mavericks. I think he was from the South Bay and rode Oakfoils boards. Very low key and low profile, he was a standout at OBSF.
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    Smashed My Acai Bowl, Bro

    Rodrigues's latest instragram post (translated by Google):
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    This guy needs a fat lip

    I think the victim could have generated more sympathy with a better marketing strategy...I find myself wanting to find a way to side with the Brazzo instead of her lol.
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    MR Supertwin vs MR Retrotwin?

    I have a 5'10" x 19 3/4" x 2 5/8" 1980 Retro Twin that MR shaped, and a 6'0" x 19 7/8" x 2 7/16" Super Twin that Rick Rock shaped. (I'm 6'1, 170 lbs.) The main difference is the Super Twin is a modern shortboard with concave, etc. and the Retro Twin is a retro model with wide point forward...
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    Instagram Find (Dana Point Related)

    No comment on the rumors, gotta be careful what you say on the internet haha. I will say that on this particular field trip I saw a student exiting one of the teacher's vans in the very early morning one day before the sun had come up. The teacher had a red and white striped canvas shade over...
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    Instagram Find (Dana Point Related)

    When I was a DHHS senior in 1985, Degen drove my Chevy Blazer to Baja for the annual marine ecology field trip at Bahia de Las Animas. While he was filling the Blazer with gas in Ensenada I ran to the liquor store and filled my backpack with tequila and rum. Bunch of funny sh!t happened on...
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    High Adventure in the Sierras

    Uh no thanks lol. The risk / reward doesn't seem at all worth it! The Bishop Pass area also reminded me of Rock Creek / Mono Pass. So many other spots I want to explore up there.
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    High Adventure in the Sierras

    The original plan was to spend 2 nights in Mammoth at my friend's condo to acclimate, and 2 nights on the trail going deeper into Dusy Basin, but our signals got crossed and we ended up leaving a day later than I had originally planned, did some day hiking in Mammoth, and turned the backpacking...
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    High Adventure in the Sierras

    lol it was a smelly mess!
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    High Adventure in the Sierras

    It's in the same general vicinity, if you take the 168 from Bishop all the way to the end you'll hit at the Sabrina Lake trailhead from which you can access Dingleberry Lake, etc. If you take a left on South Lake Rd from the 168 that will take you to South Lake and the Bishop Pass trailhead.
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    High Adventure in the Sierras

    It's about a 6 mile hike and ~2400 foot of elevation gain from the South Lake Trailhead (~10000 feet) to Bishop Pass (~12000 feet). Very accessible and although it is a well-traveled trail, it was gorgeous with very little trash, etc. We had to time it right to avoid being exposed on the pass...
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    High Adventure in the Sierras

    Great pics. Onion Valley is a great place to acclimate before hiking Mt. Whitney, with the campground at 9000 plus feet elevation and Kearsarge Pass just under 12000. Hope you don't mind a bit of a thread hijack but here are some pics of an overnight trip to Bishop Pass / Dusy Basin a couple...
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    FCS & Future fins near LAX

    Tell F. to drive your fins up to LAX haha. Have a good trip!
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    Fatal mountain lion attack in Washington State

    The deceased biker's preferred pronouns were "they/them/their":
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    Chris Ward / Psycho Ward new board sponsor

    Try this link instead using same case numbers:
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    Chris Ward / Psycho Ward new board sponsor Case numbers: 17HM10848 18HM00718 :bricks:
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    If you were a passenger hiring a boat to take you from point A to point B, but with no intention of paying, why would you announce that out of the blue only 100 yards from point A? "I don't have to pay you nothing" sounds like it would have been in response to a demand for payment and not...
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    No Talk of the WSL leaving Hawaii?

    Not sure what role if any Volcom is playing in the current dispute, as it was WSL who applied for the January 2019 permit for the Volcom Pipe Pro and who is asking for the change to its own permit application (i.e., CT event instead of Volcom Pipe Pro in January 2019). The deadline to apply for...