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    4 boars in Costa Metha

    # 1 Eric Rumaner round tail in eps with xps hd stringer 6-0 × 20 x 2.7 @ 34.5 It's a no hip sub driver . All around daily driver type board No dings one pressure on bottom Wanted to feel out the single concave feel that I used to love . I prefer my shallow contour boards I currently have. 150
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    Matt is on a heater

    I wonder how similar it is to a Parmy stub vector
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    2020 wish list

    So let's hear it I will start 1 , like my toe to heal up so I can surf for more that 30 min 2, surf trip 3, a new daily driver twinzer 4, more time to surf Cheeeeee huuuuu
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    Demo festivus

    Get down on some get down Let's hope for some nucking windswell cause 150 heads sitting on one seaside queef peak willbe lame
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    Mobile homes

    So I am considering moving into a mobile home Anyone have experience with these ? Mahaloz
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    11-6 parmy psv Erbb discount
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    5-8 Parmy Rough patch in this thing called life Any who , if an erbb member or friend wants it I will do 300 and include twin fin and truster fins Mahaloz
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    HBD Chandler

    Happy birthday Greg :wave2:
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    Wicked talent or exceptional boar ?

    Maybe both ?
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    Aloha Gregory

    GG, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind having Brian Bills make some of your fins in futures for me ? I would be happy to let others in my area try em too Want me to get his contact info? Let's do it
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    Electrolyte supplement

    So it's hot as heck and I can not stay hydrated Drinking at least 1 gallon of water a day , some fruit juice ( fresh not store bought ) , and I still get crazy cramps and feel fatiuged. Any ideas 4 me ? Thank u
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    Meeks interview :jam_on:
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    Graphic but interesting

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    good find on a old Hull ( GL PB )
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    Brian Hilbers Vid

    always like his boards this video makes me want one even more <iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Brian Hilbers Fineline...
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    Glass Jobs

    pu / pe , eps / epoxy , mild to wild do any of you really pay attention to it ? is it either good , ok , or bad ?
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    Ghoastshaper + trifin =

    4 months till fiji :wave2:
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    oldie but a goodie

    its flat , i am going crazy
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    kool-aid :dancing:
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    ***wtb*** 5-10 Keel fin fish

    anyone have a 5-10 keel ?