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  1. HarryLopez

    Role Call Sunday otf Paddle Out

    Sending condolences from Oregon. RIP Kenny.
  2. HarryLopez

    More extreme weather events...

    I thought Keenfish farted. Dodged that bullet.
  3. HarryLopez

    John John qualified to surf in radiation poisoned Olympics - congratulations on your death sentence

    WTF! This thread is mento bento, maybe even more crazy than she was before some help to be less crazy.
  4. HarryLopez

    is the term "haole" an inside joke for Hawaiians? move the "a" then you have "a-hole"

    Shet, rice eye, slant, jap slap, pake, flippy, yobos, kimchees, portageese (not portagee:))... It goes on. White privilege is real! Grew up with white privilege meaning extra slaps, bus fair stolen, good chance of false cracks at most parties, delegated to the inside, called names, middle or...
  5. HarryLopez

    deep water mining

    Fark I was hoping this was a new Samuel L. Jackson movie.
  6. HarryLopez

    Concrete Work

    This is mostly stuff from HI but... Concrete is in cubic yards, square feet doesn't include the thickness. Prepping the area, sub-base materials, compaction of that, rebar or other metal reinforcement, forming, pouring/mixing the concrete, finish work, including vibrator for consolidation that...
  7. HarryLopez

    Am I an Arsehole for having a fire in the fireplace in 2020?

    No shet! Been doing it a few years now. When first started, got advice/tips from neighbor who is retired forest service. Same with chainsaw. I keep both axes and chainsaw sharp. Chopping keeps you warm for sure. Know people who bake bread on their wood stoves, heat driven fans that help...
  8. HarryLopez

    Am I an Arsehole for having a fire in the fireplace in 2020?

    Moved to Central OR and love a good wood burning stove and fire pits at the right time. We have a wood burning stove in house but will not be the guy who burns the neighborhood down with a fire pit. Certain neighborhoods allow burning but just on our small lot I've got lots o trees, roughly 80...
  9. HarryLopez

    Have you ever surfed in a contest?

    Stoked! I wasn't there until the late 80's/early 90's. Played water polo but hung with the surf team guys quite a bit. Their house was at the campus end of DP. Good times! Probably wasn't good enough to make the team anyways!
  10. HarryLopez

    Have you ever surfed in a contest?

    I entered the Sloshabout at Sands as a Gaucho. I think. May have advanced or not, I think. It was fun. I mean, uncrowded Sands? :ROFLMAO: Good luck Boner!
  11. HarryLopez

    Don’t let your wife...

    Keep your balls in her purse.
  12. HarryLopez

    RIP otf???

    RIP otf! You will be missed and remembered.
  13. HarryLopez


    Red Frog was started by a fellow Gaucho friend, and one of the initial investors I grew up with in HI. Gets people waves and is a really nice guy. Tell Balough that Corndog says howzit!
  14. HarryLopez

    A whole new world of California surfing has opened up to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tiger sharks come free with that package?
  15. HarryLopez

    Sinus Infection

    After breathing sessions, cold exposure, more sleep, eating healthier= don't get sick anymore. I teach first grade surrounded by 6 year old petri dishes and not sick once. Man up and take control boys!
  16. HarryLopez

    Brain Keaulana to build WAVE POOL on OAHU'S WESTSIDE

    He must know Jeff Stone. Half wave pool half homeless encampment? Malama da aina!
  17. HarryLopez

    Getting a double barrel....

    So many fun sessions before school would start. Get it when you can!
  18. HarryLopez

    2 speeding tickets in 2 months, same spot- Encinitas

    Bus pass. Monthly to save money!
  19. HarryLopez

    Can we talk for a second? Cutting sugar out of your diet......

    Ah, lame. Worked with him at Gold's Gym, Choy's, Sorentos, and sometimes Hard Rock. He was on his way there towards the end of the Choy's era. He was living in an old trailer on Graham's farm in Waimanalo for a while. He used to be only a pothead, but started dabbling with the ice, and that...