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    Sano cell service question

    Does anyone know if the cell service down at old mans is any good? T mobile specifically. Cheers, Belch
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    2 speeding tickets in 2 months, same spot- Encinitas

    Same spot 50 in a 35. Not me, but my wife. Any advice. Face palm emoji Thanks, Belch
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    EPS 5-10 RP US Blank-Encinitas

    Hey all, I bought this in error and figured I'd put it up here in case anyone was feeling creative. Brand new, no issues. $70 PM me if you want it. Cheers, Belch
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    WTB: Longboard Noserider San Diego -Encinitas

    Looking for 9-4 + single fin, square tail, classic type noserider. PM me with what ya got Cheers, Belch
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    Surfers ear surgery

    I'm thinking it's time. 90% blocked in L ear 80% in R ear. Has anyone had it done recently? Chisel or Drill seem to be the 2 options. Any opinions? Cheers, Belch
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    Choice Center- Anyone have any advice

    I don't want to force my opinion on the matter, but I would appreciate any feedback you guys may have. Spoiler alert-I'm no dummy and think this place is looks crooked. Cheers, Belch
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    Refinance now??

    We're only 2 years in on our mortgage 4.00% and are looking to refinance at 3.75% locked rate, no points. The property value has increased 100k (speculative until appraisal but also conservative based on neighborhood comps) We have an FHA and would be able to get out of the PMI ($300 or so a...
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    San Diego Shoulder Surgeon Recommendation

    Does anyone have a shoulder guy in SD they can recommend? Asking for a friend, small rotator cuff tear that needs fixed. Cheers, Belch
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    Broken Scaphoid Wrist

    Guys, turns out I've been dealing with a broken wrist for the better part of 20 years. I assume it was broken during a snowboard trip. I remember injuring it, but not having insurance and thinking it was sprained. I wore a brace and it felt better soon enough. Fast fwd 18 years and I injured...
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    Sk8park tour over Christmas

    My kids have pulled the ol switcheroo on me and have been sk8ing almost every day. Mostly ditching their surfboards (for now) along the way. I'm stoked because skating is super fun and we do it together as a family. The annual winter trip for waves or snow has shifted towards taking the van out...
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    Tijuana border crossing/Baja in Oct

    Booked a long weekend in Baja for Oct. I haven't been down in a couple years. Last time the border crossing in TJ was pretty f'ed up and detours were aplenty. Has anyone been down recently? Wondering what to expect. Thanks in advance, Belch
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    Port Aransas TX

    Yeah, I know...TX seems like an unlikely destination. I'm going to Austin for a week and thought about heading out to the ocean and taking a peek. Any thoughts on this unsurfy destination? Probably gonna check out NLand too. This is a non surf trip just yucking it up with friends in ATX for a...
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    This weekend San Elijo camp spot

    Long shot, I know. My kid got sick and we are gonna bail on camping this weekend. I have one oceanfront site tonight and a non oceanfront tomorrow. PM if you're interested. Waves are gonna be pumping all weekend. Should be a great time. Belch
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    Maui in March

    Just booked some tix on Alaska, great prices all considering being able to use miles, companion fares, etc. $25 board fees are super cheap, too. Looking at an AIrbnb in Makawao. Any thoughts on the area? We like the off the beat places and don't mind driving around for waves and all that. Gonna...
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    Van sleeping in HB-any recommendations

    Gonna hang with some out of town friends in HB and wondered if anyone has info on good streets to sleep on in HB. We're low key and just want a quiet place to go unnoticed. Thanks, Belch
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    Looking for a driveway in LA to crash

    Hey all, I'm going to a show up in Hollyweird Sunday night. Planning to sleep in the van, but was wondering if anyone had a driveway we could park the van in. I have a 2016 Sprinter and it looks good, not trashy or anything. Plan to arrive after midnight and roll out around 8AM Monday AM. Any...
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    WTB Grom snowboard 110cm

    I know, a shot in the dark. I'm trying to get my youngest kiddo set up with a board and bindings in the 110 cm range. I'm in Leucadia. PM with any leads. Thanks, Belch
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    I wanna buy a van, anyone drive one on here?

    Looking to have a work/weekend camper as a daily driver. Anyone have any experience with the new Ram or Ford full size vans? Can't bring myself to get a Sprinter due to the douchyness they convey, unless someone could present a compelling reason. Thanks, Belch
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    Sex before a surf

    I find myself lucking into this scenario on occasion and feel I have some of the worst surfs after getting laid. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    TJ border crossing detour info needed

    Anyone been down recently? Is there a detour now? Any info would be appreciated. Looking to take the toll rd and heard it might be a hassle with construction, but not sure. Thanks, Belch