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    When to call someone a kook without being judgemental

    I was with my toddler today along the walking path that goes down to the beach, and I saw that guy again with his minimal with a tailpad so I asked him why he put a tailpad on his minimal, and he said for traction, no duh? He then asked me if I surf, and I said pretty much everyday in the...
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    Russian chicks are the best then there was this Russian
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    When to call someone a kook without being judgemental

    I was out yesterday and this guy paddles out with a brill cream helmet and he kept patting the back of his head and I was thinking "what a kook," but he wasn't acting like a kook, so I didn't want to yell that out to him. Then he caught a wave late and I could see him mostly go straight and...
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    is the term "haole" an inside joke for Hawaiians? move the "a" then you have "a-hole"

    Asians, such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, emigrated to Hawaii in the 1800 as laborers, like in most places of the world. I can't think of any racial terms for each race. I think you good as long as no one calls you a portugee
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    down rails vs step rails for a big guy board

    I ordered a big guy board from a local shaper and he suggested step rails. I see that proctor does a down rail. which one is good for riding/carving?
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    Brain Keaulana to build WAVE POOL on OAHU'S WESTSIDE

    is da hui gonna call the take off order?
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    The ***Official*** Mental Health Thread

    I definitely need some kind of mental health therapy since as I have been aging, I have been raging a lot. Like when I am the only guy out and some guy paddles out and sits next to me, I get so pissed I can't surf anymore.
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    A bank is suing me , need advice please

    There is a way to make your issue with the bank go away, which has something to do with making soap from liposuction waste.
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    Let us know which one of your strategies works.
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    No coffee, but Acai bowls or burritos,
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    That always happens, I go out early, I go out of my way down the beach, and every barney ignores all the empty peaks and crowd around me yewing every minute. Should I strap a scuba knife to my arm and act crazy to scare them off?
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    LIke I say, the better you are, the less crowded it gets.
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    (SOLD) 9' OakFoils Custom "Pynzer Twinzer" Longboard in Racing Yellow (((Price Lowered)))

    SIIIIIIIICK! I would feel bad buying this and having the two shapers I get my boards from see me in the water with it. Wayne's shop is just minutes from El Porto. I have seen a few of his sleds out there.
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    Hahaha, right after I read your reply I logged into reddit r/surfing and saw this circle jerk: My snarky reply got deleted
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    It is good to be back!
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    if anyone is following reddit r/surfing you may already know that at any given time, there at least 1 or 2 or 3 beginner threads with the same question (maybe because the way reddit tracks likes?), daily humble brag photos of new surfboard or recent/current trip in Bali or somewhere exotic, or...
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    The best First Point Analogies

    Define "live there?" like in a van on PCH? Or up Cross Creek Road?
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    The best First Point Analogies

    I just finished listening to the Surf Mastery Podcast with Devon Howard and heard the best analogies about first point that can apply to every premier surf spot like, trestles, Huntington Beach Pier, etc. Analogy #1 from the host of the Podcast A beginner intermediate going to first point...
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    Longboard contests? Mexi-"log-fest" and the first thing I would think of is Beavis and Butthead snickering. Is it because there is no legit long board tour that these social media driven one off events happen? The guys side was won by an 18 y.o. that no one...