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    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    Love my Bonzer egg (5 fin). My swiss army knife type board
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    Pyzalien vs Phantom?

    I love my Pyzalien. Have not tried a Phantom.
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    What Boards You Got On Order?

    Ryan Lovelace - Thick Lizzy. I have not connected with a mid length board yet. Going to give this one a try.
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    do you still have the noll fin? looking for some random longboard fins

    do you still have the noll fin? looking for some random longboard fins
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    Is this normal?

    I have a couple nightmare stories myself. I was pissed off, repaired the boards, then sold immediately at a lost. I didnt need the bad Karma. I wanted to call out the shapers but just let it go. Dave Parmenter once told me, " what do you expect the surf industry is filled with a bunch of flakes"...
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    Is this normal?

    I have my boards shipped airfreight. The cheapest method I have found and have had good luck. The insurance is reasonable. I get the airway bill ready, so all the sharper (or their employee) has to do is drop it off at the airfreight office. If you can get them to make the drive to the...
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    what's the best QUAD fish you've ever surfed?

    Pavel Speed Dialer with Lockbox Turbos
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    I would like to add, Tim has a long history with Harbour Surfboards.
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    Group Shot

    A beautiful group. Nice work!
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    I have a couple Odyssey's and a Bridge. They have been great boards. The Odyssey is really a good all around LB. My friend has a Dorado and loves it.
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

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    I haven't listen to the podcast but I remember meeting him in Taiwan. We talked surfboards, surfing, travel, and how he started shaping. A super nice guy and damn good surfer. I guess I should have had my own podcast :grin:
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    A Tribute to DIY Shaping feat. Burch, et al...

    I liked the video. Makes me want to pick up a planer again. Thanks for sharing.
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    Speaking of Mr. Parmenter........

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    Volan cloth

    Thanks to everyone for the info. I actually learned something :cheers:
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    Volan cloth

    Thanks Carmel_Sea
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    Volan cloth

    Thoughts on Volan cloth.
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    The Roberts Twonzer

    Famous last words. :D
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    XTR Christmas Sale till 01/01/2019

    Come on Goodfish, order that Phantom. I know you have plenty of room on that rooftop for more boards. :)
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    Who Shaped Your Quiver?

    Stamps Pyzel Campbell Roberts Pavel