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    Volan cloth

    Thoughts on Volan cloth.
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    Mix matched fins

    I been wanting to try a smaller center fin into my thruster. Does anyone sell single fins out of sets? Also, I been surfing size Large Futures Jordy fins. Should I drop down to a size Medium?
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    Thruster center fin

    I would like to try a smaller center fin in my thruster. Does anyone sell single fins that are not a complete set. Also, I been running futures size large, do I drop down to a medium for the center?
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    Longboard suggestions

    Thinking about adding a longboard to the stable. Looking for something light and more hi-performance but still versatile enough to walk up the nose. Basically, not too "loggish".
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    Wanted, Futures Fins Jody Smith model

    Anyone have a set of Futures, Jody Smith fins they want to sell? Size Lg.
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    AP01-AP02 Quad fins

    Has anyone tried a quad set of Asher Pacey AP01 or AP02 fins?
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    Stretch IT

    Does anyone own or has ridden a Stretch IT. I would like to get some opinions. Thanks!
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    Campbell Brothers Mini Merk

    Any owners or ride reports of a Campbell Brothers Mini Merk. Loving my Bonzer 5 egg. Its been my quiver killer. I would like to try another Bonzer to see how it feels.
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    Anyone have or ridden an Octafish? I trying to decide between a twin keel or the bonzer 5 Octafish. I realize they are two different animals. Any feedback...?
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    Board repair in the N.W.

    My friend needs some board repair. The center fin box on her Bonzer needs repair. Looking for someone in the N.W. because she needs to air freight this board via Alaska Airlines. This is the only option of shipping. Thanks!
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    Thoughts on S-Cloth

    Is S-cloth worth the up charge? Thinking about giving it a try.
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    For Sale, FCS Fins

    FCS Quad SA-2 Excellent condition $65.00 shipped FCS MF-1 tri-set Excellent condition, $55.00 shipped
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    Traction Pad Placement

    How far back do you place the traction Pad? Just wonder where I want the back ramp in conjunction with the rear fin.
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    Board Power Planer

    I have a Hitachi / Clark Foam power planer that I am looking to sell. Does anyone have an idea on the value of these?
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    Hand Plane Straps

    Another winter project involves building some Sitka Spruce hand planes. I need ideas for hand straps or where I can purchase some quality straps.
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    pens and markers for surfboard art.

    What pens and or markers are you using for board artwork? Will Sharpies work? Then when finished do you spray a clear acrylic over your work?
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    Roberts Mutant Mush Machine.

    Looking for reviews on this model. Thanks!
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    Roberts White Diamond

    Anyone ride one of these? Did some searching but would like to get a few more opinions. Thinking about ordering a White and or a Black Diamond. Thanks in advance!
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    Clark Foam Blanks

    Are Clark Foam Blanks worth anything? I have one laying around and will probably never get around to shaping it.
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    101 Fin Co-Quad Set of Bamboo fins

    For Sale - 101 Fin Co. Quad Set of Bamboo Fins. LB1's and LB4's. I only used them twice and are like brand new. Selling because they never get used. asking $125.00 shipped. If interested email me at roguewave68 (at) yahoo (dot) com Thanks, Steve