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    Crowder Nirvana parady

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    For those of you opposed to peach mints.....

    Pence would likely lose in the next election.
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    If you had to pick one Black woman to fall in love with...

    When I was young I used thing I wanted a bunch of girl friends. But then you find out that this is difficult to manage. For a brief while it's THRILLING! You bone one girl and then two days later you are boning another. THRILLING! :poop: o_O
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    Effects of Family Structure on Crime

    Ideally you want both parents around. It helps to have help. I would guess that a very small percentage of single parents would disagree with this. But things don't always go how we want. This is very strammanish to me. Are the pro two parent family guy also pro fetus killers...
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    If you had to pick one Black woman to fall in love with...

    Your kids generation grew up with the mixing races. Like you said, it aint no thing in CA. Especially if she's hot. I want a pretty black girl friend! :poop:
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    If you had to pick one white woman to fall in love with...

    White girls don't age well. Black don't crack!
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    Effects of Family Structure on Crime

    Wasn't Squildly's momma an inconsistent caregiver due to mental health issues? Look how good he turned out.
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    Effects of Family Structure on Crime

    The traumatizing factor is inconsistent caregiving by the parent(s). I suspect you only need one consistent caregiver to get to adulthood and be able to function. Two parents probably increases your odds of not getting one that is a fook up. But one parent can be consistent. Two can be fvck...
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    Next "hate" symbol incoming

    What is the gender of your nervous system?
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    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift was cute kid that got ugly as she became a woman. The try to dollar her up and you can see she's a white dog.
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    First they came for the undocumented.

    A homeless person needs to kill a civilian. If the victim is a young, good looking white woman, all the better. Then then people will take action. A stich in time saves nine.
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    First they came for the undocumented.

    Property taxes kill you on a 400 k house
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    ***Fresh~Water Pro***

    Uncertainty and danger are gone. We thrill when we see pros overcome these things.
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    Happy People

    Pro level musicianship is a human super power. When I pull out my guitar, people run the other way.
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    Is it unethical to upgrade your iPhone?

    I haven't had a cell phone in 7 years. People say, what if your girl friend needs to call you? I say, Exactly!
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    Whistleblower — IMPEACHMENT IMMINENT

    I agree. The dems need to throw up a candidate that middle can stomach.
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    Whistleblower — IMPEACHMENT IMMINENT

    Are you intuitively minimizing?
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    Whistleblower — IMPEACHMENT IMMINENT

    Hasn't trump already done impeachable stuff? What good is more? It seems like people are ignoring the corruption of the GOP.
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    I heard that lonesome whistle.

    Why do you hate military contractor welfare?
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    Bibi - Done?

    Apologizing can be an efficient way to trigger social engagement.