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    ***** Official Jaws Championship Thread *****

    What is wrong with Dave Kalalma's mouth when he talks? Sounds like he has something in his cheek, very annoying to listen to his blabbering.
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    Official Dodgers thread

    Dont want to say i called it, but i called it. And it was GLORIOUS!!!!!
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    Official Dodgers thread

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    NY DuctTape?

    Did it go this morning? The youtube link says it streamed like "91 mins ago" Hmmm
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    Official Dodgers thread

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    It's plumeria time again

    Yeah mine too. Mine has bloomed the last several years and this year it is bigger than ever but no blooms yet. I looked up my old pics and it used to always bloom in August. Still hoping!!
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    The Thrifty Thread

    Same, ringer! It all adds up and no less quality of life.
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    retire early to travel and surf around the world

    but if you aren't making any money/wages, then you should be able to qualify for cheaper health insurance right? or do they count your house/assets and screw you?
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    retire early to travel and surf around the world

    so the big $ cost if you retire early seems to be healthcare. How do you all plan on getting and paying for healthcare when you aren't with a job that pays for it? Isn't cobra like 300/mo or something. That will eat into your nestegg pretty fast.
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    retire early to travel and surf around the world

    what everyone is forgetting is that you could die/get seriously disabled in 5 years and then the whole time you sat on your ass and worked your ass just to "finally semi retire" im guilty of this too.
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    Why hike a mountain?

    Hiking up mountains is BORING as fook
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    NY Ducttape

    tried to watch the replays but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    NY Ducttape

    ah its only a longboard contest not the Ducttape. damn
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    NY Ducttape

    Anyone know when the Ducttape will take place in NY? Looks like there will be some good swell tomorrow!
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    Boat fire Santa Cruz Island

    yeah 34 years they were in business and were well loved by all that took their trips...and one accident can ruin them etc? not fair fook lawyers
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    That's My Girl!!!

    Miss these posts!!
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    Best surf "hat"?

    lol the responses. Yeah maybe i just shouldn't teach the little sh!t how to surf....
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    Best surf "hat"?

    I'm getting old enough where i don't care what i look like, just don't want to get fried teaching my nephew how to surf. So....what is the best surf "hat" out there? They all look kinda dorky but maybe one of you knows a better one. Wearing a hood just doesn't really work and is way too...
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    us open starts today

    Any idea when the Ductape finale is?
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    E's Niceness

    Yes E! Read that BVB article and gave me some good memories of sitting at work every morning in a cubicle with salt water running out of my nose stoked readin' and learnin' from Niceness. Your site really helped a ton to stay kinda in touch with SF after my move to LA in the 2000's...