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    Mexico - Punta Mita

    Just got back on Sunday. Had a good time with the family and the resort is really nice. The tropical storm rolled through Sunday night, but it wasn't bad. Monday the weather wasn't great so we decided to drive to Sayulita to meet friends for lunch. The road there was a mess after the storm -...
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    Mexico - Punta Mita

    Thanks for the intel!
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    Mexico - Punta Mita

    I'm headed there this coming Saturday for a week with my family. I'm staying at the St. Regis and we have friends that will also be in the area staying in a house. It looks like from a quick search there a bunch of spots around and we will have a car. Since I've never been there before and am...
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    Forecast Help - Rincon PR

    Just got back over the weekend. There were waves for the first 5 days. Sat. - Mon. the surf was solid chest to head with plus sets. The surf faded into Tuesday, but it was really fun with clean conditions all day. By Wednesday it was all but gone but there were still some fun ones.
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    Forecast Help - Rincon PR

    I'm headed to Rincon PR at the end of the week for an extended trip. I've already been there a bunch of times so I know what boards out of my quiver work best. I'm trying to dial in what I want to bring but I don't have access to a long range forecast - more than 7 days. Can anyone with access...
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    Mexico Help - Sayulita Alternatives

    I need some help looking for an alternative to Sayulita. I was going to link up with my buddy and his family in early December, but they cancelled the house they were looking to rent because apparently there is an ongoing water quality/sewage issue. I don't know much about the issue, but with...
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    Costa Rica - Marriott Guanacaste

    Anyone stay here before? My wife and I got a really good deal (Marriott Family/Friends) for a room in November. Looks like a huge mega resort which is great for my wife and we will probably take our 3 year old son too. I've never been to CR before, but was looking at some stuff online and it...
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    Cabo With Family in December

    Thanks grg. We are back to our original plan which is Costa Rica, but I'll keep this in mind if we decide to do Cabo at some point.
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    Cabo With Family in December

    I'm looking for suggestions on places to stay with my wife and 3.5 year old son for 5-7 days from after Christmas-New Years. It will be our first time to the area. Ideally I'm looking for a resort that has amenities - pool, bar, restaurant, etc. so everything is turnkey. If there are places like...
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    Costa Rica with Family - Nov. or Dec.?

    Tanner - thanks and I sent you a PM with my email.
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    Costa Rica with Family - Nov. or Dec.?

    I need some help with planning a trip to Costa Rica with my wife and 2 year old son. We usually go to Puerto Rico in the winter, but we are switching things up this year. I've never been to Costa Rica before, but I have done some basic research online. First, is there a big difference in the...
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    Bonzer Fin Question

    Thanks GWS.
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    Bonzer Fin Question

    I noticed the sliding tab in the fin box on my bonzer is cracked, so I'm worried the screw that attaches to it and holds the fin in place will cause it to eventually break. My question is can I just buy a new tab for the box? There is nothing wrong with the fin itself, so I hoping I don't have...
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    Can you share Pros & Cons for a Roof Cargo Box?

    I have 2014 Outback - great all around car. I don't really pay much attention to the mileage around town, my work commute is only 5 miles, but I can get approximately 30-31 mpg on the highway.
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    Stub Hub bends Laker fan over

    I got Adele tickets for my wife and her Mom as a birthday present a few weeks ago when they went on sale to the public. Sold out in minutes and the tickets similar to the ones I got are now priced at $3,000/ticket on the secondary markets - StubHub etc. I should have told her I never got them...
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    How many times did you surf in 2015?

    Probably between 20-30 sessions which is really low but working full time, living 1 hour from the beach and having a kid under a year old all directly work against surfing.
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    Buying a Treadmill

    I'll try to help out even though I don't own a treadmill. For what it's worth below are Consumer Reports ratings from this month: Non Folding: 1.) Landice L7 Cardio Trainer 2.) NordicTrack Elite 9700 3.) Pro Sole TT8 Folding: 1.) ProForm Pro 2000 2.) Spirit XT485 3.) NordicTrack C1650...
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    Whistler In March

    I went in February and took the shuttle to/from Vancouver. Drumsurf is right if you're staying in the village then you don't need a car. Would love to get back there for some shredding.
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    heading north

    Mammoth opens tomorrow.
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    Never won the lottery but I did find $1,000 in cash in a plastic bag in Australia. As a 21 year old living on the Gold Coast I won the lottery.