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    The Melanoma, Skin Cancer & Mole Thread...

    Yes - derm didn't know what it was until we biopsied. It looked like a dull pimple that just didn't go away. And I caught it quick because I just happened to be going to the derm, otherwise I may have left it for longer. Everyone who surfs should see a derm once a year at the very least in my...
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    Good Sunglasses Suggestions?

    There's a good reason to get higher end shades - much better clarity in the lens and by going with a reputable brand you know they're UV safe for your eyes. Ray bans are always classic. Spy is good as well. My RAEN lenses started separating after a few years - junk.
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    calf cramps on missed waves?

    Yeah i've had it happen even as a youngin. It's just dehydration and muscle straining. Every once in a while while you're paddling back out, try to extend your heels out and stretch that calf.
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    Coming back after 3 months off - What's it like?

    It's not like starting as a beginner again. Your muscles have matter how out of shape I get jumping back in the water always feels natural. It's definitely like riding a bike...usually I just find that my confidence/timing/popups are a little slow. I'm 35 and I've had multiple...
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    L5-S1 issues from paddling

    I just picked up a copy. Hoping it helps with my chronic neck issues.
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    Fooking neck spasms again

    LOL @ tolerance and death. Yeah I get it. These spasms loosen up eventually, it's the first day or two when I'd love a heavy hitter to take just to get me through the night. I only stock advil because of my fear of liver issues with alcohol hahaha. I just want one less thing to worry about...
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    Fooking neck spasms again

    I just don't even know what to ask for. A shot of cortisone? Unfortunately the ibuprofen doesn't touch the pain. Anyone had this issue before? All that I can do is hot showers and a heating pad. The pain is extending down my back and into my shoulder blade as well as locking up my neck...
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    What to do about a Craigslist scam...?

    Not sure how much good this will do but
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    Fooking neck spasms again

    This time it's a whopper and I can't find any comfortable position at all. About to head to urgent care. Are there any pills I can take (short term for like 2-3 days) that will knock this pain down until the muscles heal? Even sitting or laying down is excruciating. I've had flexeril and...
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    The Melanoma, Skin Cancer & Mole Thread...

    Had a bcc on my nose at 31 a few years ago. And I caught it EARLY because I go to the dermo frequently. It was just a small white bump but looked "odd" because it didn't look like anything else on my body. It didn't bleed or anything. However, the scoop they took out of my nose with Mohs was...
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    Grandview Bluff Collapse

    I heard it was hectic at the scene. Major respect to the first responder teams.
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    What are the best movies about Modern Southern California?

    Tangerine is a good one. Bosch is a TV show but it's good and the city of LA is basically a character.
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    The doc I went to didn’t even look in my nose. I’m annoyed I’m going to have to make another appt. 😡 Got thick yellow mucus coming out of my nose now. And no sign of my voice coming back
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    I surfed last week even though I thought enough time had passed after the rain I couldn't remember because of all those weird patchy downpours we had. However later that night I felt like my throat was irritated, and then several days of a sore throat only with some post nasal drip. But I was...
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    Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Can't even read this whole thread bc it gives me heckin anxiety, but I had basal cell on my nose as a 31 year old. Just sun exposure and my family seems to get them. Every surfer should go to a dermo at least once a year even if you don't think you're at risk. I go every 6 months and...
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    Torrey Pines Glider Port Parking

    Is there an event or has the university made the glider part into its unofficial parking lot? Lot was packed and nobody was using the park, they were just walking to the college
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    ***Everything has a beginning, and an end. The erBB is officially on life support.***

    I keep my subscription to -er and -ing because it's so f'ing's like, why not? Sucks -er is going quarterly though...hate to see icons lapse. I have to admit though, I hardly EVER read the articles in the two mags. Look at Thrasher....that mag still seems to be going strong and...
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    Owen Wright withdraws from opening half of 2016 CT

    Hope he makes a good recovery. Sounded like a rough injury. Anything with the brain is sketchy.
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    Has anyone bought/used The Squatty Potty?

    Don't get the 9" one unless you have one of those super high handicap toilets. >:( Signed, person who made the wrong size choice.
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    Cold Water Shock

    I am prone to anxiety / skipped heart beats and had a full-fledged heart workup done a few years ago and came back perfectly fine. Will mention it again to my doctor but could have been a mild panic attack of sorts as well. Haven't worn the cap recently and haven't had the issue again. Might...