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  1. Mr Doof

    Tommy Bahama shirts - Yay or Nay

    Because I am genuinely interested in sowing division and loathing amoungst my fellow humans, I am seeking to understand the consensus opinion on Tommy Bahama shirts, or Tommy Bahama knock-offs. Are they just a form of re-branded Aloha shirt or a distinct type unto their own? Are the people...
  2. Mr Doof

    Anyone ever report a contractor to CSLB

    Per the contract, work on our home stairs was supposed to be done by December 7, 2018. Today we are Fed Ex-ing a 3-ring binder to the California State Licensing Board to ask for some help resolving things that are as of yet undone and overcharged for and not needed (the latter two are our in...
  3. Mr Doof

    Are you old or young?

    What do you see? Item here. Blurb: If you've ever wondered why you see whichever woman you see first, an Australian study conducted by two psychology professors concluded that it has to do with your age. According to the study, a younger person will see the younger woman...
  4. Mr Doof

    Where do you buy your coffee?

    I bought sweetie-pie some Sumatra beans the other day from Peets Coffee and Tea. Not above buying it from Capricorn Coffees even though they moved out of the City a few years back. Every now and again when I don't have pressing matters and can stand too long in a line, Philz Coffee will...
  5. Mr Doof

    Photo of where your folks once lived

    Backstory: Am going through old family stuff, finding things last opened 20+ years, sorting that which is worth keeping and what is not and passing the good along. So mid 60s, after leaving Sydney, AUS, with two children, the folks ended up at 1888 Lusitana St, Honolulu, Hawaii. Dear old...
  6. Mr Doof

    Life imitating art - cars in space edition

    Space X's large Falcon Heavy mostly successful launch (center core was lost when it tried to land, but the boosters landed safely): <iframe width='480' height='290' scrolling='no' src='' frameborder='0'...
  7. Mr Doof

    Recovery time for meniscus tear repair - a question of 'how long'

    Looks like my sweetie-pie will behaving knee surgery in the coming months to repair a torn meniscus. Anyone have meniscus repair surgery, and if so, how long was recovery? Recovery shall be determined by ability to walk 5 miles for 3 days in a row without pain/swelling. Actual chart info...
  8. Mr Doof

    Best Christmas Present Given and Received

    Given: Memory foam mattress topped for mom-in-law. When sweetie-pie and I replaced the old one she had, we were grossed out the black mold covering the old poly-fill topper. Am sure we both decreased our life expectancy by a decade (spore release!) cleaning it up. Received: 3 x 12-packs of
  9. Mr Doof

    7.8 quake in Kaikoura, NZ - Hope our friends are safe

    Reports still coming in. Years ago, went right through what is now the epicenter and enjoyed the warm springs with Groovin' and his partner and child at Hanmer Springs. Those beautiful mountains rising out of the ocean like that have another side to them. News item one.
  10. Mr Doof

    Just learned...

    Just found out a friend from my childhood died. Though you were at times maddening as only a 5th grader could be, and I wish I had hit you on the shoulder harder rather than laughing it off, totally am glad for all the shenanigans. RIP David.
  11. Mr Doof

    Chine rails

    Well, is has been a season of riding the board I made from a left-over Stretch blank. The ride is fine once I am in trim and going down the line. Pretty much in every other case it is terrible I've deduced the primary problem being the shaper/rider, wait I mean, the front 1/3 of the...
  12. Mr Doof

    Photo of Pittsburg

    For some reason I have this photo: It is 1.5 feet tall, about 6.5 feet long, laminated with white border. Before I sell it on Ebay for a tiny sum, anyone want to buy it for $300.00. I think new it is about $700.
  13. Mr Doof

    They were for me.

    Buoys saying 7-8 at 17 seconds. Put wetsuit on at home. Get out of car at 6:32, guy in parked car next to me looks at me, looks at his phone, I go. 15 minutes later, first one out. 5 minutes later, kinda a late drop, hook under and out front of the curl, race the wall, come over top...
  14. Mr Doof

    Cork tail pad question

    I am curious if anyone has epoxied (or glued) a bit of cork on a finished board as an ersatz tail pad and further if you did, how well did it work, how long did it last, any problems with it, etc. Looking for a pro and con list. PS So I know at least one company sells a cork tail pad...
  15. Mr Doof

    Glassing schedule for EPS?

    Me: angular 180 lbs Where: beachbreak of thumpiness What: Glassing schedule for 2.0 lb EPS Aim: home built, durable (6'4" general purpose and floaty) board more important than one season board Initial plan: 2x 4 oz bottom, 1x 4 oz + 2mm wood + 1x 4 oz top Your thoughts on my...
  16. Mr Doof

    Where to buy epoxy resin in Santa Cruz?

    1. I need to buy some epoxy resin for a summer time build. 2. I will be in Santa Cruz this Sunday to meet my travelling sister. 3. The places I used to buy supplies from in Santa Cruz seem to have vanished. 4. Anyone know of a place I can buy some epoxy resin in Santa Cruz?
  17. Mr Doof

    Mexico Hwy 40 - Mazatlan to Durango questions

    A Anyone driven on Hwy 40 from Mazatlan to Durango (or vice versa)? B How long did it take? I've read it is about 2.5 to 3.5 hrs, but curious if there is personal experience someone could share. C The amazing Baluarte River there any viewing area that is better....such that...
  18. Mr Doof

    What is correct Bonzer angle for the two keel fins on a 3-fin bonzer?

    The title of the post is the question. What is correct Bonzer angle for the two keel fins on a 3-fin bonzer? 30-33 degrees on the acute?
  19. Mr Doof

    Using paper-backed wood veneer

    My hope is to do a sandwich layer over EPS using a wood veneer. I am pretty sure it wouldn't be too difficult going EPS - 2 oz glass - wood veneer - 2 (or 4) oz glass when using 100% wood veneer (no glue or paper on reverse side). Now I've seen some really interesting wood veneers that...
  20. Mr Doof

    Futures Fins and FF box install related

    Doing some due diligence before I start the summer time project purchasing spree. Thinking of using Future Fins. (All?) The fins that fit these boxes have the cant built in, correct? Or would I have to do something during the install of the boxes to set the correct angle?