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    Thanks from Surfiction!

    Just wanted to say thanks to those on the erBB who have been supporting my little surf tees business. We're going a new direction with a Japanese retro anime/manga vibe and so far the feedback has been positive. Thanks to everyone's support Surfiction has been surviving haha hopefully for a long...
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    Second Self Shape

    My second board after shaping a 4'10 fish. Tried a twin pickle-fork but with a standard hybrid outline vs the more parallel shapes you see around. I had an old CI Pod and Pod Mod that I loved so used them as a base outline. I was also curious to shape a pickle fork and as I imagined, it sucked...
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    I started a surf brand...

    Hello all, My name is Michael Yukimoto and I started a surf brand. I've been a fan and contributor on the erBB for a while now and wanted to let everyone here know first. The brand name is SURFICTION. I started it with my own savings after I had to move away from the ocean to take care of...
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    Tomo Jack Jensen Quad Hatches, True Ames Hobie Keels & 7till8 Wetsuit

    Hello, I have the following for sale: Tomo Quad Hatchet Fins Shaped by Jack Jensen - Medium Size with 50/50 rears: $120 (They're in excellent condition) True Ames FCS Hobie Keels - $50 (Good-Great Condition) 7 Till 8 Slant Zip (Retail is $215) Brand New w/o Tags, Size Small: $150...
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    Help Gluing A Blank Together

    Hello! I recently got my hands on an eps blank but it's currently split in half (vertically) and doesn't have a stringer. I'm not really wanting to glue a stringer in there, because it looks like a pain in the ass to do, so I was wondering if it'll still work if I just glue the two halves...
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    Best spot to buy blanks (LA area)?

    Hello all, Unfortunately, I have to move myself and the family to Fresno to take care of the folks. I'm going to seriously miss the ocean and surfing in the lovely South Bay, but family is priority. Since I won't be able to surf as much, I wanted to get into shaping to keep my stoke going. I...
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    Jack Jensen - Mandala - AK4 Quad Fins 50/50 Rears

    They're in excellent condition. Rare set of the 50/50 rear fins. I used them as both quads and thruster set-ups. Screw marks but no major scratches or dents. $85 friends/family shipped. Thank you!
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    True Ames ::: Lovelace & Mandala Fins

    I'm not sold on Lovelace boards but the fins look :cool: It also looks like Manny's getting his AK4 fins done by True Ames now? No Jack Jensen?
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    Fins for Sale

    Futures F4 V2 Quads - 30 FCS PC5 Thruster Front Fins Only - 25 FCS Nexus Small - $60 FCS Kelly Slater 2.1 Fins - $55 Futures Ryan Burch Assym Fin (left/goofy fin) - $40 - Came from a Burch board. Last photo is taken from an assym Burch board on craigslist right now, showing the similarity...
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    WTB: True Ames / RFC Twins or Keels

    Looking for used keels or twins from a local fin manufacturer. If anybody has any of these in futures compatible boxes please let me know. Thank you!
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    WTB: Futures Keels

    Looking for a set of keels in futures for a fair price, any out there? Thanks!
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    Ryan Burch - Here I Am (Video) Smooth as butter. I wonder what the board is at the end?
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    Boards for Sale - Torrance

    Von Sol Flying Seed $280 5'1x19.25"x2.125" - Rusty Yes Thanks $240 5'5 x 18.12x2.2 - 22.9 Liters - Panda Fried Till You Die $240 5'3 x 19 1/8 x 2 1/4 -...
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    Info on FCS FK3 Twin Fins?

    Can't seem to find more info about these fins. Anybody know how these go and for what type of twin fin boards? How are they different from the FK2's? Thank you!
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    Glen Kennedy Flying Manta Board

    Glen Kennedy for sale: $280 obo 5'0x20x2.25 (approx)
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    WTB: Nineplus Full-Suit in Small

    Looking to buy a Nineplus full-suit in size small if anybody has one. After my second kid and my surf time dropping, the 5am morning breeze tolerance has been dropping. Need something wind-proof. Thanks!
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    Vulcan Polymath - $360

    Like-New Vulcan Polymath - Dimensions: 5x19.25x2.375 -- 25.9 Liters Convex engineered and epoxy. Recently had a baby so looking to thin the quiver. Never been dinged or repaired.
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    5'0 Von Sol Flying Manta - Bat Ray

    $380 obo. Excellent Condition. Craigslist Link: Von Sol Bat Ray
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    WTT - 512 Canvas Mini Nose Rider (MNR)

    I have a 6'1 Canvas 512 MNR available for trade. No dimensions on the board but it's pretty wide and thick. It's in awesome shape, great resin tint dipped in white opaque. Looking to trade for a v bowls / mandala / tomo / burch / fish - something workable for a 140lb guy. Thanks!
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    Gary McNeil on Craigslist

    Saw this on Craigslist: Too big for me. I know these are hard to find around here.