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  1. fishtank

    Surfboarding With the Ho's

    No you don’t, they’re all midgets
  2. fishtank

    Waterproof Pouch for Car Key

    Get a lock box and one of them new fangled radio wave stopping pouches. An alternative route is to use a valet key, you can be cheap and wrap a small container in aluminum foil to keep the normal key from transmitting while being locked inside.
  3. fishtank

    Are you happy with your lot in life?

    Some days yes other times no :cry:
  4. fishtank

    DHD Mick Fanning DNA best performance board ever.

    Yes, the shorter period swells tend to be much steeper and punchier for their relative size. Knifey rails and generous rocker is no problem for the surf over yonder.
  5. fishtank

    Month in Dec/Jan - Where?

    Going to Morocco tomorrow, first time. The forecast looks to be good, hopefully things pan out nicely :drowning:
  6. fishtank

    *** Official Billabong Pipe Masters thread ***

    Mangina and Ferrari still in it
  7. fishtank

    Kelly is lonely and needs a friend

    Probably due to aging, his current lady was probably a toddler back then. A rich guy like Slater could trade in for a newer model every few years, maybe he needs a deeper emotional connection :cry:
  8. fishtank

    Justin Quintal wins WSL Longboard World Title!

    For your viewing pleasure ;)
  9. fishtank

    2021 Suburban

    seems to sit higher, not a fan of the front end, looks too much like a traverse.
  10. fishtank

    Justin Quintal wins WSL Longboard World Title!

    he'd be the next taryn martin or brass young
  11. fishtank

    Crowded California

    Buy from an online shop with no shipping fee, just scored a set of JJF fins for $80 on black monday. You can pay full price or think ahead, fins usually last a couple of years.
  12. fishtank

    FCS 2 Accelerator PCC M

    bump, for all those that haven't "quitted" surfing just yet ;)
  13. fishtank

    Crowded California

  14. fishtank

    Month in Dec/Jan - Where?

    too crowded and doesn't usually start going off till jan/feb at the earliest
  15. fishtank

    “High performance” midlength?

    Can't deny it's a beautiful looking shape with killer artwork :shaka:
  16. fishtank

    Moby. (more veganism)

    Yikes, what’s Moby thinking with these silly tats?
  17. fishtank

    Noel Salsa Mr. Cali Twin

    So unnecessary, just use a towel or a T-shirt and it’s plenty easy on the hands. The system was designed to be easy in easy out, no need for a plastic fin remover whatsoever.
  18. fishtank

    Can we talk about the new TESLA TRUCK?

    It’s a step in the right direction, Tesla is also a solar company. Charge your vehicle from your solar powered house and you’re not doing too bad, mkay?
  19. fishtank

    Your LEAST favorite surfer poll awards

    goofy footer with a goofy style. still rips though, can do the same turns on demand. not someone you'd want to watch.
  20. fishtank

    Mason and Ben Gravy Have a Surf

    His real surname is Graeff, no idea where the Gravy thing started.