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    Best Florida Surf Town

    If money were not an issue and you're looking for a surf town with good food, bars, and surf on the east coast of Florida, consider areas like Cocoa Beach or New Smyrna Beach. Both offer a laid-back surf culture with plenty of dining and nightlife options. Cocoa Beach, in particular, has a...
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    Gabriel Medina Got Robbed In Portugal, Bells and Margs (title edited due to the trifecta)

    Anyways first two significant waves of the heat i thought were scored wrong. Griff got a high 7 and gabe a low 7. In my opinion gabe surfer better and deserved the best score of those waves.
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    Say what all types of ships do the Marine Corps use...?

    The Marine Corps utilizes various types of ships for transportation, logistics, and support operations. These include amphibious assault ships, such as the Wasp-class and America-class, which serve as platforms for launching and supporting amphibious assaults. Additionally, they rely on...